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For freedom driven online fempreuners who want all day "cha-chings" to be as effortless as making your morning cup of coffee. 

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We're currently experiencing a new kind of online educational boom, and every day Fempreneurs (just like you) are effortlessly creating wealth online while feeling supported, empowered, and confident.

But before I get into that, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Jamie and over the course of 8 years I’ve been able to scale 3 businesses to 7 figures. But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Let’s just say, paycheck to paycheck was what I was familiar with but I knew I was meant for more. And then I had my I’M DONE MOMENT. 

You know that moment when you say, “That’s it. I'm changing my damn life.”


Fueled by my new and definite purpose, I gave it my all. I believed, worked, dreamed, and achieved wild success—success that I didn't even perceive as possible when I started out. 

Today, I want to share with you perhaps the craziest revelation I picked up on this journey.

It's that my journey would have been a lot easier, faster and more enjoyable if I was surrounded by like minded women who were on the exact same journey as I was. Because your environment is EVERYTHING.

So us freedom seeking fempreuners out there can connect, relate and work towards our collective goals of selling effortlessly on social media. 

So if you’re ready to embark on the next chapter of your life, join a thriving group of like minded women and get access to resources designed to help develop your mindset and money making capabilities then the “she creates wealth” community is the perfect place for you.

That’s exactly why I decided to create the She Creates Wealth community. 

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She Creates Wealth 

The 3 ESSENTIAL pillars to scaling your course business to $10k-$100k months 


Community of like-minded women

You know that phrase, “it’s lonely at the top’? 

Well, that’s not my vibe. 

Your environment breeds results and that's why inside, you’re going to have access to a private community of ambitious fempreuners ready to uplift and empower each other on this exciting journey to achieving financial freedom.`



Money making resources, templates and video guides

I’ve been in the online space since 2016. And every launch I've had?
Six figures. 

Let’s just say, course creation is kinda my thing. That’s why when you join today you’re going to get access to templates, resources, video training and Q&A calls with me. So you can turn your online biz into that WHIP OUT YA CREDIT CARD, that NEED TO HAVE IT kinda vibe. 

Whether you’re trying to transition from 1:1 coaching to course creation or you already have a course and just have the ambition to grow it. The “she creates wealth” community is perfect for you!




Wealth mindset

Success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset. 

Within 'She Creates Wealth,' you'll find yourself surrounded by ambitious fempreneurs equipped with tailored resources, templates, and video guides crafted to propel you toward those $10k-$100k months you've always envisioned.

Yet, the gateway to this success hinges on a wealthy mindset. 

That's precisely why you will get access to training curated to nurture that 7-figure mindset, allowing you to wake up every morning to the sweet sound of 'cha-chings'!





This community is all about connection. Inside we will help each other grow our businesses to high cash months while developing our mindsets so we can feel confident and empowered by reaching the new found heights of our potential.

Value - $ 897

My private community where you can network with me and other like minded fempreneurs.

Every month I will host a live Q&A call where you can ask me anything you want, whether that’s to help you ace your launch, improve your business's cash flow or even some help cultivating that magnetic money mindset. You can ask me absolutely ANYTHING and I'll be ready to help you out.

Value - $ 997

Live Q&A calls with me where you can ask me ANY question you want.

To become a 7 figure course creator. You will NEED to know how to sell. That’s why inside you’ll get access to 3+ hours of training showing you the best strategies you can implement to make $10k-$100k months with your course.

Value - $ 797

3 hours of sales training showing you my secret strategies on how I make 7-figures which you can implement to do the same!

Inside, I'll show you how to effortlessly engage your audience, creating a lasting impact on their lives that will make them genuinely embrace your work and eagerly want to buy from you.

Value - $ 497

Storytelling mastery so you can captivate your audience and transform them into raving fans begging to buy from you.

Getting clients is like catching butterflies. 

Wanna catch butterflies? Sometimes you just need to build a garden, so that the butterflies will be attracted to you. Don't run around aimlessly with a butterfly net. Build a garden that brings them right to your doorstep

That’s exactly why inside you will get access to my proven methods to attract high value clients that come to you, so you can instead set your eyes upon the high cash months that are just around the corner.

Value - $ 497

Client attraction blueprint so you can say “hello” to having high-value dream clients that come to you.

The success of your business is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. So inside I teach you how to rewire your brain so you are capable of attracting those high cash months that just feel effortless. 

Value - $ 897

The 7-figure mindset formula helping you rewire your mind so you can start having $10k-$100k months.

On top of all the content that you're already going to get access to inside the community. You're also going to have the opportunity to unlock EVEN MORE 7-figure goodies given to those who engage in the community the most.

Value - $ 597

3 hours of sales training showing you my secret strategies on how I make 7-figures which you can implement to do the same!

SAY LESS, this is my kinda vibe.


Price RIGHT NOW - only  $122 per month

7-Figure Sales






7-Figure Mindset


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When you join today you'll get access to…

Check out results from my students:


frequently asked questions

With the ‘she creates wealth’ membership. You get access to a family of ambitious  fempreuners who are all looking to achieve successful online businesses along with a resilient and magnetic money mindset. You will also get access to Q&A calls, resources, templates and video guides designed to help you navigate the journey to abundance.

We understand that circumstances can change, and so you have the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time. However, if you choose to do so, just keep in mind that you don’t get to keep any of the content inside. If this is fine and you still want to go ahead and cancel then simply send an email to billing, and our team will assist you with the process as we want to ensure that you have a hassle-free! experience.

No, there is no minimum commitment period for your “she creates wealth” membership. You have the flexibility to stay as long as you find value and can cancel anytime by reaching out to We're here to support you on your journey, whether you choose to stay for the short term or the long haul. However please note that if you joined during a promotional period and decide to cancel your membership, you will not be able to re-join at the previous rate.

No, this membership does not grant access to CEO Club, Cashflow Confidential, or High Vibe Money. Each of those programs is distinct and separate from the offerings provided within 'She Creates Wealth.' 

No, the membership doesn't include one-on-one access. However, you will have access to me through the community chat and during Q&A calls within the group setting. In these sessions, I'll be available to offer guidance, answer your questions, and engage directly to support you on your journey.