Trust: when it comes to manifesting

I’ve heard this so often from others that they’re having a really difficult time getting out of their thoughts and into trust. Basically, this is being able to surrender to the experience and release the expectations. When you do this you can make room for something more beautiful to happen.

You may think that you want something and you have been hustling to get there. If it’s not working, just trust that there’s something that is putting you in a new path and your direction to assure that you are exactly where you need to be.

Trying to force things is not going to feel good.

Here’s an example of trusting:

Let’s just say you run an online business. I want you to think about this, let’s just say nobody’s booked in over a week and the schedules look a little slim. You start to worry and you start panicking. Worrying does not change the end outcome, but it gives you an opportunity to think about where this is coming from, to heal and to trust it is on its way. You can take inspired action and not trauma-based reactionary action. 

A good way to think about trust:

Let’s say wherever you live that there was a drought and the rain has been gone for a little while now. Your flowers are starting to welt, the grass is starting to get a little brown, but you never think oh, the rain is never coming again. You never think the grass is going to die forever and my flowers will never bloom again. No. There is a part of you that knows this drought is temporary and that the rain is coming. 

A part of you trusts that this is temporary and you never think it’s never again. I need to trust that it’s all going to be OK. This is what I want you to feel inside of your business.

Take inspired action from trust.

Make sure that you’re not taking reactionary trauma-based action because the second you get a sale, that’s a temporary feeling of safety. What we really need to focus on is when things are slow in your business, is that you don’t have those feelings of reactionary trauma. You want to fully trust that it is just a temporary thing and that you will continue taking inspired action.

When you make a sale or a client books with you, it’s like getting a small hit of dopamine. It’s a temporarily high. You need to be coming from a place of “I knew that was coming.” Be grateful for the sale or that client but you knew it was coming. That’s the energy of trust, surrendering, flow and abundance.  

Masculine Energy vs Feminine Energy

There’s two different kinds of energies: masculine energy and feminine energy. Mind you, that these have nothing to do with gender but this has everything to do with those types of energies.

Masculine energy is structured and it’s do, do, do and go, go, go. Feminine energy is usually flow, faith, trust. and its slow. It’s fun and creative. Masculine and feminine both need to live together. When you are just in your feminine energy in your business you are lacking the scalability and the foundation. If you are just in masculine energy you’re missing the ease of your business. 

If you’re in the hustle mode, most likely, it’s taking up a lot of mental real estate. 

When too much mental real estate is being taken up it doesn’t allow you to let go.

Trust you are gifted with brilliant ideas.

You didn’t think of these ideas, they are a gift. You cannot receive those brilliant ideas if your mind is clouded with mental real estate. Practice stillness, surrendering, faith and trust. 

You can do this by simply having a little bit of time just to breathe, go for walks and just play. Also, a really good thing to do is to also think about when things are slow, what’s triggering you? What do you really need to rebuild your relationship around?

Can you look at your bank account and say you may be a little lower right now but it’s OK. I look at it with gratitude. I say thank you for all that you’ve given me. Thank you for all that you’ve provided me.

Think about your bank account as the giving tree it’s a fruitful, healthy place. A place where you can give freely and spend freely but also receive freely and be open to saving, if you wish to do so. 

These are all things that I love talking about in my coaching. I love talking about in my group communities. I would love for you to start your journey. 

Join our community and start bringing these conversations forward so we can start really living in trusting, manifesting, and enjoying this one beautiful brilliant life that we have. 

The reality of this is that the person you are now and the person you want to become are two separate people. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to the person that we are now to become this person that we want to step into.

Step into this new phase of strength and awakening your inner shewolf. 

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