True Self Care Practices Entrepreneurs Should Prioritize -

True Self Care Practices Entrepreneurs Should Prioritize

Do not, I repeat, do not work all the time.

As an entrepreneur it’s going to feel like the more you can work the better you will do. Either that or it feels like there’s so much to do that if you don’t work 24 hours a day it won’t all get done and your business will go under.

Whew. Take a breath. That’s a lot of pressure.

The good news is you can work less and be more efficient to get everything done when you prioritize some self care practices. Even better, it will help prevent burnout so you can be happier and more productive.

Make these self-care practices a priority in your life:

Learn To Say No

You don’t have infinite time in your day so you can’t say yes to every single thing. You have to decide what things you truly want to do and will move the needle forward in your business and your life. And sometimes when you’re an entrepreneur and working for yourself friends don’t see you as busy or working! So learn how to politely say “I’m not free that day, what about next weekend?” And if it’s something that you’d really rather not do, it’s okay to say “No thanks.”

Make Time For A Hobby

If you’re anything like me you have to watch out for the tendency to monetize all your hobbies! That’s a common issue for entrepreneurs. We see opportunities everywhere. And thinking of ways to monetize what we already love doing can be fun.

But you need a rest from the work mode and it’s important to find a hobby that is just for you. You need something you can work on that no one else has to see, no one else has to like. It is all yours.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Sleeping less to get more work down is actually counter productive. You think you’ll get more done but over time you drag more and more. Sleep is crucial not just to keep you energized but also to keep your creative mind functioning. Have you noticed that your brain uses sleep time to process through problems? You need that sleep time for the sake of your business.

Find Ways To Unwind Every Day

Even though it’s a hashtag, self-care isn’t just for Sunday. You need to find small (or big!) ways to unwind every single day. You’ll quickly find yourself more energized, more rested, and having more inspiration for your business.

Think about the sorts of activities that leave you feeling bright, awake, and excited. If you have trouble thinking of any, try a few things and test them out or wait and pay attention for when you feel that way to reverse engineer!

Some things to try:

  • Drink a cup of herbal tea
  • Read a section or chapter of a spiritual or inspiring book
  • Play with a pet
  • Do deep breathing exercises
  • Wash your face with cool water

Stay Healthy

Get your blood flowing again with a quick walk or doing some stretches in your kitchen. Make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day and giving your body the water and good food it needs to function its best!

Make Time For A Morning Routine

Taking a few moments in the morning to set your intentions for the day can make a huge impact on your productivity and your feeling of well-being. I like to start my day with an oracle card draw (and if you don’t have an oracle deck, you can actually access card draws from inside my Monday email newsletter. Sign up here if you haven’t yet)

Strengthen Your Support Network

Finally, make sure that you are maintaining your relationships, whether that’s with your spouse, your family, your kids, or your friends. You need to make time to stay connected with the important people in your life so they can be a support for you when you need it.

Even if you end up working less overall, you’re increasing how efficiently you work in the time set aside so everything (that NEEDS to get done) still gets done.

  1. Kim says:

    This blog could not have come at the more perfect time (thanks universe!). I’m one year into my business and I feel like I have to be working on or thinking about it 24/7! Thank you for the reminder to put myself first so I can show up better in all of the other areas in my life.

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