Timeline Jump Into Your Dream Life

Imagine yourself falling in love just for a moment. 

Think about what it feels like to be in love with something but I want you to feel what it feels like to be head over heels in love with something. What shift happens in your body?

Think of the feelings you get in your body when you feel butterflies. When we think about our business and our growth, a lot of times, we are wanting, on a conscious level, to be growing and to be receiving more income and more fulfillment. We want less stress, less anxiety, more stillness, more present time with our children and our business. Being able to sit in the process of joy and excitement in our business versus the fear of maybe not having enough sales or clients or am I good enough am I worthy enough.

Let’s get a little scientific for a moment.

When we first think about quantum physics, I think it’s important to think just down to the basics.

Timeline jumping or quantum jumping essentially means to jump to another timeline of another dimension of time.It may sound a little out there for people who haven’t studied quantum physics but I am going to be sharing a lot about what this means and how it relates to your business. 

Do you romanticize your life?

I do and I fall head over heels in love with the potential and possibility of what my life can be. The places I can expand to. The product or services I can create that can help elevate mompreneurs into growth and development. That makes me feel so good!

Think about what you do for your life and your business. How do you help people and how does it make you feel to help somebody with your service or your product?

I’m assuming it feels so beautiful. If we think about falling in love and that feeling of expansion in our body, I can only imagine what that feels like to put that thought process into everything you do. Versus the projected thought of failure. If you were to romanticize your life and the impact you have, in the feelings of helping people, how beautiful that would be. I think the majority of people live on the spectrum of I will be happy when

Quantum Jumping

The thing with quantum jumping is that what it teaches us is everything is actually happening now. This means that you have infinite variations of self and experiences. It’s not so much that you’re choosing or creating a reality by starting to do different things, it’s that you’re choosing something that’s already a version of yourself that already exists.

With quantum physics, it’s all happening in a linear time frame of a past, present, and future. You want to think about it like it’s stacked on top of each other like a layered cake. All the layers on the cake are dimensions of time. There are infinite realities and dimensions of time when we know that to be true we can choose a version of ourselves that has all of the joy, all of the expansion and start showing up now as that person. What happens is that you will become such an elevated frequency of abundance that this version of yourself starts flooding into your current reality.

If you think about the energetics, this is what our eyes cannot see but you can feel it. You can feel emotions and feelings that are on a different frequency. You can’t see with your physical eyes but actually hold shape energetically. Just like you could feel the wind but you cannot hold it. It is there and it exists but it is invisible to the naked eye. 

Remove ”If I just …” from your vocabulary

I know this is very complex, but it’s so important to understand. So many people think that if I just get that house, if I just get that money, if I just get that relationship, if I just get that balance then all of a sudden I’ll be joyful and happy. That’s re-creating this experience of lack and in your dimension of time that you’re in right now you’re going to recreate that again and again.

The reason why we re-create this again and again is we don’t have any support with how our subconscious mind works or our energetic body. We have 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% of them are just memories. If you think about it, we wake up in the morning and we’re thinking the same thoughts then we’re feeling the same feelings, experiencing the same frequencies which means we’re experiencing the same results again and again. 

Then we wonder why we can’t find joy. It’s because we have to escape the way of the memory bank of our mind. 

You cannot make any change in your life or any change in your energetic space or your subconscious mind without being so fully immersed in awareness. If you’re unaware of how your mind functions or what your life is or how you’re experiencing this world then there’s no way you can change it. You’ll only search externally for external experiences. All those things that are external from you that bring you joy – that’s already supposed to be within you. Success is an inside job. It’s the inner work, but then projection reflects the external world. If we can live in a space of how my future self feels with all of those things then we can live in that now. 

There’s energy in EVERYTHING.

Everything that has mass, has energy and can only attract like energy. 

I have a little exercise for you: I want you to close your eyes and I want you to think about your left hand. Pull all of your focus into your left hand and stare at it. Start to describe what that looks like, you may even start to feel a shift in energy. The hand starts to tingle a little bit and that’s because all of your energy is focused there. All of your awareness is there. 

You’re no longer thinking about the past or future. 

You’re no longer thinking about the things that you have to do when you’re in that part of your brain.

This is a form of meditation. It’s bringing your awareness to something else that’s more expansive and using a different part of your brain. 

If everything is happening now then there’s infinite versions of you that have everything that you could ever imagine.

When it comes to manifestation in quantum jumping, that manifestation is a byproduct of your thoughts, beliefs and what you do every day. The new version of yourself behaves differently, probably believes things that are different about them and then when you come out of that you are now behaving the same way as this version that you’ve chosen consciously.

The resistance is fleeting and you can wave goodbye to the older version of yourself. Give her love, appreciation and say thank you for serving me in the season of my life but I’m ready to move into this new season. 

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