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The four-month course designed by Jamie Sea to ditch your wealth blocks and unlock powerful relationships with funds you were born to have.

You shouldn’t be in A toxic relationship
With your Biz

You bravely started your own business for a reason. Because you believed in your dream. Because you knew you had the power to do something bigger. Yet you still feel paralyzed by what to do next and how to make more money doing it.

Maybe self-doubt, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and other common wealth blocks are stopping you from taking action and reaching your full potential.

You know you want to make more money, but getting there seems impossible.

What if You Could Feel That Spark With Your Biz Again?

Let’s take it back to when you first had the idea for your business. Remember when you lit up thinking about all the possibilities of what it could be? Of all the people you could help?

That’s the moment we want to get back to. 
You’re going to date your business all over again—wine, dine, the whole nine yards. By reinvigorating those early moments of first launching your biz, you’ll rekindle the joy and fun you were once empowered by. 

The second you fall in love with what you do and what you offer again is when the money will start to pour in.
Maybe self-doubt, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and other common wealth blocks are stopping you from taking action and reaching your full bad b*tch potential.

You know you want to make more money, but getting there seems impossible.

Nod Your Head if These Sound Familiar

You know you want to move your business forward, but self-doubt and fear of taking action keep creeping in, and instead, you’re stuck wondering what the hell to do next.

You want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine, but then you take a step back and say, “That would never happen to me. Who do I think I am?” The good ole imposter syndrome.

You once loved your business, but now you’re starting to resent it for taking up so much damn mental space. AKA, you’re burnt the f*ck out.

You believe in the possibility of growing your business and making more money, you just have no idea how to get there—so, you feel stagnant and stuck in the mud.

You want to fulfill a purpose and earn more cash doing it to provide more for yourself and others. But the thought of you as a millionaire seems implausible and out of reach.


Kick Those Limiting Beliefs to the Curb

Those old beliefs holding you back end here. Because guess what? Your business should be fun! Remember when it was?

It should be something you’re excited to wake up to every morning. But if it hasn’t been feeling like that, it will reflect in your income. 

It’s time to eliminate the financial limiting beliefs that have been holding you back so you can make gobsmacking amounts of money.

So how do you get there?

Time to Have Fund$ is a soul-searching, powerful AF four-month course that helps fierce female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs get unstuck in their business and unleash an abundance of cash flow. (Like roll around naked in a pile of $100 bills cash flow.) 

Maybe self-doubt, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and other common wealth blocks are stopping you from taking action and reaching your full potential.

You know you want to make more money, but getting there seems impossible.


Let’s Get (Meta)physical

Time to Have Fund$ is an instant-access, four-month, self-study course that intertwines proven methods of Law of Attraction, subconscious reprogramming, manifestation, and other healing energy work, to help you get unstuck and energized to move forward with your biz. And oh yeah, invite lots of money in while doing it. 

Through high-level thought work, energetic strategies, and quantum mechanics,
we’ll get to the root of any wealth blocking issues and turn them on their heads. Using my signature ultra-powerful LIT Method, we’ll dissolve any negative beliefs and get you obsessed with what you do, what you offer, and who you sell to.

Time to Have Fund$ will break into the metaphysical when it comes to money and work on reframing your mindset to have more, spend more, and provide more for the people you love.


Here’s What You’ll Uncover


Remember why you first fell in love with your biz? I want to get you back to that butterfly-in-your-stomach, first-date feeling. Your biz is a mirror image of you, and the more you're in love with your biz, the more you actually are pouring back into yourself (and your bank account!)


Let’s get to the root of any resistance you feel around selling. We’ll dissolve those beliefs with my super powerful LIT Method proven to help you release any bully beliefs that hold you back from having the most fun in your biz. You’ll realize it's all so much easier than you thought.

Get obsessed with
what you do/offer

Ah yes, the eternal question. This is the concept of becoming ultra magnetic. In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to understand how your brain and energy field work to shift your perception, release doubt, and begin the journey of coming back home to worthiness. Yes, please! 

Answer: “Who the fuck am I?”

Wanna become besties with your funds? First, let’s let go of those toxic AF money beliefs you’ve been clenching onto. Together, we’ll redefine what it means to make more, have more, receive more, and spend more. We’ll go into the metaphysical when it comes to money so you can be head over heels in love with how your funds take care of you and show up for you.

How to tap into
effortless cash flow


You’ve had your business for 3-5 years and it feels like it’s still not going anywhere.

You’re ready to fall in love with your business again and what you sell/offer. 

You’re interested in manifestation but don’t feel you have the right tools to manifest in the most powerful way for your biz.

You want to make hella money and unleash a waterfall of cash flow. 

You’re ready to feel unstuck, confident in your business, and downright sexy in your money-making success.



You & Your Biz Are Craving a Wealth Energetic Makeover

How Will Shifting Energy Bring Me More Money?

Energetics isn’t about closing your eyes and wishing for a magic genie to grant you all your wealth wishes. (Although, how dope would that be?)

Sometimes people think manifestation and Law of Attraction are linked to the dogma of “think it and it will come.” However, it’s so much more than that.

Energetics is a science that influences the outcome of every interaction you have. It can scientifically remove measurable negative beliefs, judgments, biases, and limiting expectations and welcome positive beliefs to co-create the positive future you envision. It restores and balances the natural energy flow that gets damaged from emotional, physical, or mental trauma.

Ultimately, you have the power to influence outcomes even when others are negatively affecting you. 

My superpower is packaging up my wealth of knowledge on Laws of the Universe, the subconscious mind, quantum physics, psychology, neuroscience, energetics, and female leadership into an easy-to-understand process that will yield results.


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In addition to the course modules, you’ll receive an intensive, online workbook filled with transformational activities to rewire the mind, rebuild confidence, and manifest cash flow.

When you invest in this course, you’ll also unlock a private Instagram group chat with other badasses like you on their money-makin’ journey. Get advice, ask questions, and join a thriving community of like-minded female entrepreneurs who are making a name for themselves. 

Tap Into Your Potential

Omg! One my morning affirmations for last week was calling in an extra $1000 for the week. On Friday we received a completely unexpected $940 check in the mail! Wtf! > if this is what comes with just simple affirmations, I can't wait to see what my money story work brings!

HOLY SHIT! It truly feels like I'm on the right path taking this course.

Huge wins!!! The cash flow is coming in like crazy! I was so worried about the extra chunky monthly payment for this education but HOLY SHIT my income has like tripled this month already.

A big win I forgot to share too is, yesterday I hit my daily goal in service sales that if I hit that amount 4-5 days a week it would allow me reach my weekly dream sales goal!  I've had a good handful of days like this since starting this adventure with you guys and it feels so good to see the higher amounts in the bank account!! This shit is really working and I've only made minor changes so far! Can't wait for the major changes!!!

You guyyyssss!!! Had to share a huge win! This weekend I was SUPER stressed over our closing date/interest rate lock/money. I finished my money story work yesterday, wrote out what I was manifesting for this next month and wrote a whole new money story under what I was manifesting to read each morning and evening. This morning I got a call from our lender saying she was able to get a rate almost 2% lower than what we were expecting AND all of our inspections passed this morning! Like WHAT?!

How Will Shifting Energy Bring Me More Money?

This course exists because I was once where you’re at. I had low self-worth, a five-month-old baby, and all the doubt and fear in the world—but I knew I had to buckle in, brave up, and go out on my own. I had no idea how to run a business. Like zero. But guess what, I figured it out. I learned. I healed. (I healed again.) And now I have three 7-figure businesses that I’m wildly head-over-heels-in-love with.

Now, I transform the lives of thousands of female entrepreneurs by implementing my unique methodology to expand wealth inside their lives and business.

With a degree in Neuro-linguistic programming, I’m trained on how to use high-level thought work, energetic strategies, and quantum mechanics to change the mindsets of women who are facing wealth blocks due to money trauma and long-standing, misguided beliefs.  

I’m the author of You, Rewritten, the host of the “There She Rose” podcast, and have X years of experience as a thought leader and a wealth energetics coach.

Every day, I work with women who feel stuck or overwhelmed with finances in any season of life to help them get clear on their values, align their money with those values, and live a purposeful life. Seriously, this sh*t works.

I’ve seen women add zeros to their bank accounts in only a few short months. Once you change your mindset and do the work, it will come

Hi, I'm Jamie Sea!



Attract the wealth you deserve

Get to BFF Status (Best Funds Forever)

If ever you find yourself asking: “Who the f*ck do I think I am?” Should I really be doing this?” The answer is: Hell yeah, you should be. First, though, we have to re-convince you of that.

Time to Have Fund$ helps you shift your perception, release self-doubt, and guide you back home to worthiness. You’ll learn how your brain and energy fields can work to unlock that holy-bananas-life-changing realization that superpowers to wealth lie within you.

Get the clarity and wealth empowerment needed to move forward with your business and your relationship with money.

Say it with me, “Effortless cash flow, here I come.” 


Your Questions -- Answered

Are payment plans available? 

Will I get any one-on-one coaching with Jamie?

How long is the Time to Have Fund$ course? 

Are payment plans available? 

Will I get any one-on-one coaching with Jamie?

How long is the Time to Have Fund$ course? 

Time to Have Fund$ is a self-study, instant-access course that’s designed to last four months. However, you can go at your own pace!

Are payment plans available? 

Will I get any one-on-one coaching with Jamie?

How long is the Time to Have Fund$ course? 

The investment of this course is $398 and you also have an option to choose the monthly payment plan of 199.00 !

Will I get any one-on-one coaching with Jamie?

Are payment plans available? 

How long is the Time to Have Fund$ course? 

This is an online, self-study course. While you will not be working with  Jamie one-on-one, you will have access to a private Instagram group for community, advice, and other encouragement on this money-making journey.