The Secret To Making Your Business THRIVE -

The Secret To Making Your Business THRIVE

I don’t know if you know this, but I love talking about manifestation. The most amazing thing I discovered when I was learning about it is that manifestation is already happening all the time. People think to manifest that they have to do intense, crazy stuff. But actually they are already manifesting. You are already manifesting all of the time, but you could be taking control of it.

Helping people to start manifesting with intention and purpose brings me joy!

Since you’re already manifesting all the time, why not take advantage of that and use it to fuel your dreams and desires?

I get to watch my clients discover how to make their business fun and easy

Manifestation is simply thinking something into being. The materialization of your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. When you are telling yourself that making your business successful is hard, stressful, difficult, and a struggle that’s exactly how it will be. But when you start telling yourself that success is inevitable and simple what you experience transforms.

Are some people successful in business while still having very negative beliefs? For sure!

Feminine and Masculine Energy In Your Business

Can you reach success by just sheer hustle without a good mindset around money and success? Yeah, you can. And it sucks. When you hustle that hard you never feel good about your success because your ideas around money are still terrible. And you work so hard that you burn yourself out and feel resentment. That’s a masculine style of energy.

The feminine energy is expansive, being open to receiving. Being tuned into the feminine energy with your business makes success feel simple.

Hustling is like walking to your goal barefoot over gravel for miles. Alignment is like a private jet with fluffy slippers and green tea.

There’s still challenges, but your experience of those challenges is radically different.

How do you know what you’re manifesting?

Look around you right now.

Look at everything in your life right now, everything around you. What you’re looking at is all through your manifestation. You’re already doing it. You have manifested what is happening in your business and life now.

So how can we manifest intentionally?

It’s connected to your belief systems. Everything you are feeling creates emotion…energy in motion.

That belief system is set by repeated thoughts over and over and over. It turns into unconscious thoughts creating your reality in the background. When you attract low-vibration experiences again and again it feels like your business is a struggle.

You might not know how to get past that and into another place. I spent a lot of my life thinking I was just going to be broke forever. I would think “why does this keep happening to me?”

But when you are manifesting high-vibration you’ll find the right people suddenly showing up, the resources you need appearing in your life, and things just somehow working out.

It may not look the way you think it will. Be open to the unexpected. You might think the only way money can come into your life is through your paycheck or selling your service. Maybe instead it is being invited to a party where you meet someone that you network with and create a great collaboration.

It’s more challenging if you’re inconsistent or don’t have the right guidance.

Here’s a few things to help you manifest with more intention and purpose

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Brave Biz School

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The Five/Five/Five

This is an exercise to rewrite the stories that you believe to be true. The first step is to get really crystal clear on exactly what you want to attract. Instead of talking about it in the future tense, like “someday I would like to have…” we are going to speak in the present tense as though what you want has already happened. Such as “I am so happy and grateful that I am making $10k a month.”

What you’re going to do is take that sentence and write it 55 times for 5 days straight.

That’s right! It’s a lot of writing. But I am telling you that this is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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