The Secret to Growing Your Business

Manifestation in your business is the secret to growing it.  The best thing you can do is sprinkle some intentional manifestation with belief plus strategy. I think oftentimes we have this idea that we have to hustle so hard, and then we burn ourselves out. That burnout leads to resentment, we’re tired and we lose interest in our business. We start to resent the bravery that we initially had when we opened our business. I don’t want you to hustle yourself into exhaustion. I want you to align. 


When you align, it’s like you’re on a beautiful private jet headed straight towards your goals. Now with hustling, it’s like walking to your destination in high heeled shoes that are about two sizes too small. It takes just twice as long to get to your goal and it’s twice as hard. Where manifestation comes in is it’s just simply the energy of connecting you to the experience and resources that match your energy that get you closer to your goals. 

If you’re not familiar with manifesting, you most likely have already manifested your business. A lot of people are unintentionally manifesting, and you’re manifesting every second of the day. 

What is energy? 

I’m not talking about the type of energy that you get from drinking a cup of coffee, or the energy that kids have that go, go, go.

I’m talking about the type of energy that makes up the universe and everything in it. Now, if you know anything about me, I love quantum physics. I love science, I love anything that has to do with learning more about energetics. 

Everything is made up of energy. If you take an object and you look at it under a super strong microscope you’ll see that everything is made up of subatomic particles, or atoms that are spinning around in their own vibrations. It’s made up of energy, love, wealth, and abundance. Even though the things that you want in your life may not be physical objects, they’re still made up of energy.

How did you manifest your small business?

Well, it’s simple. You emitted an energy of abundance, believed in your vision and took action.

Now, let me ask you, while you were in the process of putting your ideas together, cash to invest and all the details, was there ever a moment that you thought wow, that came at the right time. Those little coincidences are just your manifestations coming to life. Manifestations can look like ideas that pop into your head, resources, or the right people coming into your life. 

You have to take action. You have to listen to those manifestations, accept them and move into them. The only way to really do that is to really feel confident in your end goal.

How do we manifest more things for our business? 

Number one, you’re going to identify the goal that you want to achieve. Clarity is key. 

Number two, identify if you’re feeling any resistance around that goal. 

Number three, rewire the limiting beliefs. That is a scientific process that I teach, but is an integral part to your success. 

Number four, change the words around your goal to present tense instead of future tense. 

Number five, your emotions equal your energy.

How does that all make you feel? Are you excited to be intentionally manifesting? 

Now, there’s a lot that go into really kind of collapsing time and visualization and anchoring, those are all NLP techniques that I integrate into my manifestations that just make it seamless and effortless, like activating your reticular activating system, or mental rehearsals, vision, creating, it’s all so much fun and feels so good. That’s the key. It feels so good. Because 

Often what happens is, we have this idea of this end goal of not being frustrated or overwhelmed. We almost think it’s impossible, because we can’t see outside of our current perspective. It’s so important to step out of that box with tangible tools.

You know what, I think I can change my life. I’ve come this far, I can do more. I’m willing, I’m able. I can do it. I have the tools. 

When you have new tools, you do better. That’s just it. You do the best you can with the tools you have. When you’re given new tools, you do better. 

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