The One Thing You're Missing To Supercharge Your Manifesting Power -

The One Thing You’re Missing To Supercharge Your Manifesting Power

Manifestation is happening all the time. What we’re trying to do is manifest intentionally. Your energy is always drawing like things to you. If that energy is filled with a feeling of desperation what comes to you probably isn’t going to be abundance. The key element that we need to really hone in on when practicing manifesting intentionally is trust.

Trust in yourself. Trust in the universe. Trust that you are capable of achieving what you dream and that good things can come to you.

What you believe you are capable of achieving is everything. Look around you and take a manifestation audit. All the good things in your life? You did that! Is there really a limit to anything you can do? The universe is rooting for you, so lean into it.

Get out of your thoughts and into trust.

Surrender to the experience and release the expectations you have to make room for something even more beautiful. If manifestation doesn’t seem to be working, trust that there’s a reason. Trust that there is a new path or a new pace you need to be going. Forcing things is not going to feel good and it’s not going to work.

Let’s say you’re a service-based business and no one has booked for a while. Panic is starting to set in and your old money story comes up. Worrying does not change the end outcome but what it does do is give you an opportunity to think about where it’s coming from and to practice trust.

Here’s a way to think about it. If there’s a drought around you and the rain hasn’t come for a while you never think the rain will never come again, that flowers will never return. There’s part of you that knows it’s temporary. There’s part of you that trusts the rain will come again eventually. Do that in your business. Have faith that the rain will return and act from a place of trust.

It will do far better things for you than acting from past trauma. I’ve been there! It’s not pretty. When a sale does come in or a client books you can be feeling “oh there it is, I knew it was coming” rather than “oh thank God, I was afraid I was done for.”

Receive Your Gifts

When you are open, trusting, having faith in the universe/divine you are able to receive. Those bursts of creativity, those flashes of insight, those moments of clarity, those times when you have a spark of an idea that builds your business…those are gifts from the universe. And you can’t receive them if you’re closed off in fear and worry.

Balance Your Energy

The balance of masculine and feminine energies come into play here (bear in mind that these don’t actually have to do with gender). If you lack masculine energy in your business you lack the structure and scalability but if you lack feminine energy you are missing the fun and flow. With only masculine energy everything feels like a struggle, a hustle, like you’re fighting for every sale.

Practice surrendering. Practice trust and faith. You can do that by bringing fun into your life. Take a walk, do something relaxing.

And also take the opportunity when things in your business are slow to think about what you really need to rebuild your relationship around. Is it receiving? Is it money? Is it scarcity? Are you able to look at the number in the bank account with gratitude for all that money has helped you achieve?

When you aren’t getting what you want from manifestation it is the perfect time to reflect and find those blockages you can heal. Stop hustling and operating out of fear and redirect your time and energy to healing those energetic blocks and rebuilding trust. Trust in yourself, trust in the universe, trust in your business.

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