The Energy Expander

We’re talking about inevitable energy, it is inevitable. I want you to think about your success, the thing that you desire, the thing that you want to call in, and I just want you to repeat for me, right now say it out loud, say it in your head, write it down, jump up and down, pop open some champagne, whatever you got to do. 

My success is inevitable. 

The thing that I desire is not separate from me. It is here it is waiting for me … in divine timing. 

So let’s talk a little bit about the inevitable energy. So it is inevitable. That means I know in my heart, in my spirit and my soul, that what I am calling in,  I have no doubt that it will not arrive. 

How do we say, I know it’s coming, regardless of what my external cues are telling me every single day?

Hustle Culture

I think most people are familiar with the hustle culture, right? Work hard, do more. Keep going. Your only value is when you’re productive. Hustle culture is not supportive to your sustainable business growth. It’s not supportive to your mental health or to your nervous system regulation. It’s already setting you up to think that you have to do something more, when that’s not necessarily the case.

 Hustle culture is very similar to diet culture. 

Most diets are set up to fail, right? 95% of people will always come off of a diet because it’s not sustainable. It’s short term until we think about it like a lifestyle change that is supportive of your energy and supportive of your growth. It’s a natural progression and journey. 

well, now I’m not feeling good about myself. And now I want to go on a diet, then you think about unconsciously, okay, you’re going to do it, it’s going to be short term. Then inevitably, it’s going to be exactly what it always has been because of the predictable past. It’s always been I’ve gotten short term results, I’ve gone back to old ways of being. That’s because the diet culture isn’t set up for a sustainable long term journey, just as the same as the hustle culture is not set up for your business sustainability, it is not set up for you to have this expansive energy.

This is why that analogy is really important because what ends up happening is when you set a new goal for your business, a lot of things start to happen in your mind. You brain is scanning for every single time you’ve ever done this before and doubt sets in if its never worked before. 

I’ve invested in my business before and it’s never worked. 

It’ll leave you in this energy of doubt and asking yourself,  how do I know it’s going to work? 

It’s really important to understand that the way that things were done before is very similar to the diet culture and hustle culture. It’s not setting you up for sustainability. 

So to believe in the inevitability of your expansive energy and reaching your goals and getting those the the cash flow that you desire, and getting the feeling of confidence and leadership that you really truly desire. It’s about being able to set yourself up for an expansive, sustainable journey versus a quick fix.

How do we set up this lifetime journey of expansive energy where I can confidently say, of course this is going to happen! Instead of, well, it’s never worked in the past but I’m going to do it. But there’s this resistance. 

A majority of people and their resistance around something is because it’s never worked out in the past. 

How can you get into this energy of, I know it’s going to happen for me?

I have two things I want you to think about: 

Do Not Do It Alone 

Now you understand to step into, I know it’s inevitable, it is happening and to be in that is to not have a short term fix. We need expanders in our lives that support our core values, who we can see ourselves in. 

Expanders in your life are people who have either walking the path beside you, people who are in alignment with you, and people who have reached the goal that you want to reach. 

Those are the people you want to look to, and get in connection with. Be in their communities. Expanders are going to show you a look at what is possible for you. They are showing you it is possible.

Do not do it alone. You don’t have to, we are communal beings. We are meant to be in communities, supportive of others, or we’re supposed to be inspired. That increases our motivation. It is possible for you, if you immerse yourself in opportunities of communities and experiences that show you that it’s possible.


If you don’t know what you want or you don’t know what your next step is … welcome to the club! So many people think this, because it’s not the thing that you desire, it is the feeling that you’re searching for. 

Think about the feelings that you want to feel more. Write three things that you truly want to feel more of in your life. Now, write down the things that you’re doing in your life that take away from that. 

What are the things that I’m doing every single day that do not support this, and then write down what I could be doing instead. That is what you want to call in. The thing that you want to do instead is your affirmation. It is your mantra. 

Then, once you start feeling more of it, you’re going to automatically be drawn to more of that opportunity and experience in your life. 

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