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Ten Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Attract Ideal Clients

Have you ever been around someone who just made you feel great? Sitting and talking with them left you feeling energized and like you could take on the world. I bet you have positive associations with that person and thinking of them makes you smile. If you could work with them you would leap at the chance.

That is what being around a high vibration person is like. Today I want you to learn how to become that person and draw to you energized and happy people who can’t wait to work with you!

Everything Is Vibrating

Everything in the universe vibrates at one frequency or another. Even things that appear and feel solid are vibrating on a molecular level. You and I are vibrating too, on four different levels. Human beings have energy frequencies of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The combination is what creates your overall “vibe.”

But you don’t stay at the same frequencies all the time. Your vibrational energy can dip or it can surge. The higher the frequency you can keep your vibration, the more flow and good things you’ll experience in your life. Positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy.

Here Are Ten Ways To Raise Your Vibration

So You Attract Ideal Clients And More Good In Your Life!

  • Gratitude

Our emotions guide our energy and the emotion of gratitude is extremely powerful. Pause for a moment and think of a few things you are grateful for. It could be as simple as the sun shining or having clean water to drink. You’ll probably instantly feel lighter and more joyful.

  • Connect With Nature

Sometimes we get hyper focused on doing and achieving. We put our heads down and work, work, work. At those times a few minutes with nature can put you back into alignment and adjust your perspective. That might be going for a hike, or it might be laying in the grass for a few minutes. For me what always snaps me back to a big, high-vibration feeling is looking up at the sky whether it’s clouds or stars.

  • Exercise

Getting our blood pumping is a great way to energize ourselves into a higher vibrational frequency. You can get up from your desk and dance for a minute or go for a brisk walk around the building. That refreshed feeling is a high-frequency vibration.

  • Listen To Music

If you choose your music carefully it can be an instant vibe lifter. Tune into some music that makes you feel expansive, happy, and optimistic. It can impact your mood and vibration immediately.

  • Journal

Journaling is a way that you can process emotions and experiences to be able to put them into perspective and guide yourself to new thoughts.

  • Eat Well and Drink Water

Even our food and drink have vibrations in them. Some foods make you feel lethargic and some can even make you feel jittery. Choosing rich, healthy, whole foods and pure water is a surprising way to bring your vibration up!

  • Meditate

Meditation shifts your mind into a bigger perspective and there’s many different ways to do it. One of the easiest and simplest forms of meditation is to pay attention to your breath. Sit still with a straight back and breathe in deeply through your nose for a count of five and then exhale through your mouth slowly. Try to pay attention only to your breath as it goes in and out (but if thoughts and judgements arise don’t be bothered by it, just let them come and go).

  • Affirmations

Learn all about how to use affirmations to their fullest effect in my post here: POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS TO BE A CONFIDENT LEADER IN YOUR BUSINESS

  • Appreciate Beauty

Take a quick moment to find something beautiful and appreciate it. When we train ourselves to notice all the beauty around us we become more naturally optimistic and joyous, which opens us to attracting high vibration energy.

  • Random Act Of Kindness

Being kind to someone else helps them and it also helps us. The feeling of love and generosity when we give time, energy, money, or anything else to someone in need brings us to a very high vibrational frequency.

You can also listen to my podcast episode on the three fastest and most powerful way to instantly raise your vibration!

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