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I want to give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening inside when it comes to your comfort zone. So often what’s happening is you’ll want to reach a goal and you’re craving newness in your life. You’re probably been at the point where you desire this thing in your life but don’t know how […]

Most money relationships stem from the relationships that you have with past experiences and societal imprints.  These imprints could be a traumatic experience. Maybe within your own business or with your family growing. You could have seen a lot of loss around money, fighting around money, a lot of movies around the bad guys being […]

Do you feel discomfort when it comes to charging for your services? When you charge a client, this is simply an exchange. It’s an exchange of the energy that you’re bringing. Not only the energy that you bring, but also the product or the service that you’re bringing. People buy people. Then, they buy products […]

Are you an entrepreneur who wants effortless and constant cash flow? Do you want to stop being so worried about having enough available means? I want to share with you how to tap into effortless cash flow but first you must remember that as business owners the only thing constant in our life is change. […]

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