Setting Goals

Now that the holiday season is here, we are leading into nervous system dysregulation. There’s so much that comes up around the holidays for so many different people. Then, we lead right into January with the New Year and setting new goals and you’re going to start changing and growing. This isn’t for everybody, but you go from a little bit of nervous system dysregulation to immediate change in your life.

Let’s chat goal setting

Goal setting lights some people up and others, not so much. This is going to be a kind of different take on goal setting.

I want you to take a second and look at the goals you’re setting. Oftentimes, when we think about reaching our goals we’re trying to think about how we can get to the goal faster. How can I quantum leap to the goal? 

I want you to take a new and different approach to support you for where you’re at.

Think about a goal that you have, either in your life or in your business. Maybe it’s a monetary goal, to get more clients, expand inside of yourself, whatever it is, sit with it for a little bit. Let’s say that you reach that goal tomorrow. Amazing, right? Not so much, and here’s why: your external world will change but your internal world won’t. More times than not, we think that the goal is going to make us feel a certain way. 

Just think about it for a second. Think about when we have the goal, when we get that goal then all of a sudden, our external world starts to change. Then all of a sudden these thoughts start to come up. How am I going to maintain it? Your internal world starts to get a little loud. 

This is why a lot of us are rushing to this goal and how can I get there faster? How can I make money now? It’s actually about how. How can we understand the desire of reaching this goal? But more so how can we understand who we’re becoming in the process. 

If we fast track to your goal, and you meet it right now, in this moment, your internal world would get really loud, really quick. That’s why we have to deal with the internal world first. When we start there, we start to understand that every interval step that we take towards that goal is a step for growth and discovery. 

It’s less about reaching the goal, and it’s more about who I’m becoming in the process.

I want you to think about when we have this goal setting mentality, right? We set a goal for the new year: new year – new you. We feel this pressure (sometimes we feel this anxiety, too) and all of a sudden we’re a little paralyzed. Now, what is my next step? How do I get started? What should I do? Now, we’re activating our nervous system. What if that pressure was actually coming from the thought of “where I’m at right now just isn’t good enough.” That’s why our pace is so fast. I should be somewhere else. You’re stuck in that comparison game of comparing yourself to entrepreneurs who have been doing it for 10 years and you’re only 6 months in. 

What if the goal was really shifting your internal world? What if you worked simultaneously internally to shift the external verses the other way around? Goal setting would be a lot more fun and it would be so much easier. 

Work on both simultaneously

What I want you to do today, is I want you to think about the goal that you have. Who do you need to become to reach that goal? What behaviors do I need to implement? What stillness and patience and trust do I need to have in myself? What do I need? 

The moment you change your internal world, your behaviors change. Goal setting becomes a lot more effortless and the opportunities become available to you. That’s in the energy of ease.

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