Self-Hypnosis For Confidence...And Why It's Going To Change Your Business Forever -

Self-Hypnosis For Confidence…And Why It’s Going To Change Your Business Forever

Did you know that there are two distinct parts of yourself inside your mind? It tends to all blur together but with practice and some techniques such as self-hypnosis you will begin to see that there is an ego side and a higher self side. Let’s talk about what that means first and then I’ll explain ways you can use self-hypnosis for confidence and business growth.

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Ego Isn’t Egotistical

It’s not surprising that most people when they hear “ego side” think of being self-centered and egotistical. In this case ego is simply the limited side of you, the side that holds back. It is the part of you that has been programmed by family, the media, your experiences, etc. It holds fear and needs control. It holds on, doesn’t forgive, and feels heavy. You’ll recognize the ego’s inner voice as neurotic, worried, critical, and often harsh.

Your higher self’s voice is completely different. Here are some ways you can tell them apart:

Voice of Ego

  • I am a victim
  • I live in scarcity, there’s never enough
  • I am a machine accidentally created
  • I am in competition with the world
  • I feel stuck

Voice of Higher Self

  • I create my own reality
  • I live in abundance, there’s always enough
  • I am a work of art made of infinite energy
  • I am at harmony with the world
  • I am free

How Confidence Will Help Your Business

When you tap into that higher magnetic part of yourself you feel calm, certain, confident, and trusting. You just know that everything you want is coming your way.

Approaching your business with that kind of energy will cause huge shifts. Confidence is attractive in others, we know that from dating, and it’s also true for attracting clients and customers. Giving off the energy of confidence and certainty about your success is magnetic to all kinds of great things.

Self-Hypnosis Is

Self-hypnosis, and hypnosis in general, is a way to relax your conscious mind enough to tap into your subconscious and rewire your neural network. It is removing blocks, changing perspective, and energetic healing.

Exercises For Self-Hypnosis

Doing self-hypnosis is challenging because you can’t talk yourself through it, you need an outside voice to guide you in so that you aren’t engaging your conscious mind. I will be creating more guided hypnosis audio tracks (sign up for my email newsletter so you’ll know when those come out!) and I also have a small course that’s packed with powerful exercises to clear your energetic blocks.

The Rising Soul Toolkit

In the Rising Soul Toolkit you are going to get the practical exercises that you need to remove your limited beliefs and energetic blocks. It’s a reference of exercises that will powerfully change how you show up in your biz. You can learn more about it here.


Many of the women I coach come to me saying that they are “bad at” meditation. Their minds are never still. But what most people don’t know about meditation is that your mind never starts out still. Meditation is a practice that develops your ability to still your mind slowly over time, exercising your mind like a muscle.

Manifestation also goes perfectly with mindset work. You can read more about manifesting for your business in this post!

You Are Here For A Reason

That ego voice often tries to tell us that life is random and there’s no point but the truth is you have a purpose in this world.

The first step in finding that purpose is healing your relationship with that inner ego voice. If it is speaking to you harshly and critically you can shift that. That voice is not you and once you can start hearing it as a friend it will be much easier to tell when it is right about something and when it is speaking from fear. You can learn more about how to change the way you hear your inner voice in this post.

When I was able to tune in and hear my soul’s purpose the word that came up is “gravity.”

At first I struggled to understand what that meant.

Then I looked at the definition of gravity. Things brought towards and gravitate towards one another. And I realized that I’m aligning people to feel grounded and sink in towards one another. Helping them feel grounded and in tune with their purpose. 

There’s a reason you’re here. There’s a reason you’re reading this.

It’s time. It’s time to rise.

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