See Your Manifestation Before It Arrives

You need to understand what it is you are actually trying to materialize in your life. 

 The first is understanding a general concept of meditation. When we shift these specific patterns then we automatically shift what we materialize in our lives. So often we are searching for an external thing to support the way we want to feel and actually it’s the other way around.


If you want things to change in your external world then you have to shift internally first. We have to shift the way that we feel comfortable and be able to take action from that space.

It’s not the thing that you desire, it is actually the feeling that it’ll bring you in your life.

Once we know what we want to call in then we have to know what the feeling is that we want to materialize in our lives.

When it comes to specifically money, in general, we want to think about what it actually gives us. Is it security or the feeling of being able to support others? Getting clear on the feeling of what you want to call in is the first step.

It’s time to shift your focus.

When we shift our focus and we know our goal then we’re coming from a space of fullness not a space of fear. The shift in focus is the most powerful thing on the planet. When you shift your focus, what do you see more of? Internally you are thinking about creating and to be able to see your manifestation more deeply is to shift the focus of those opportunities. 

If you want to dive into anything you need more knowledge. Knowledge gives us empowerment and gives us a little bit more of an understanding. Having a specific amount of knowledge in particular areas is going to increase your confidence. It is very powerful to learn more in a specific area so I suggest taking maybe 15 to 20 minutes a day to learn more on this topic. Also just do a little bit of an energy audit to see how it’s feeling inside of your body. 

We don’t want to get to the point where we’re feeling overwhelmed. We also don’t want get into the feeling of rushing. When you shift your focus you also shift your filters. These filters allow for you to see more of those opportunities where you wouldn’t have before. 

It literally blows my mind every time I think about it. We take in 11 million bits of data per second but only 50 to 100 bits is actually in our general awareness per second. 

We’re only being made aware of what we have trained our filters to be aware of. If we think the world is a scary place make her aware of the scaring us if we think that it’s not possible to reach our goals we’re going to see more of that we are going to 

Our brain is always going to be made aware of the things that we believe to be true about ourselves, the world and our abilities.

Today you can take swift confident action by changing your focus to what you desire versus what you don’t desire. There’s only two things in the world that which is there and that which aren’t. You choose which one you want to focus on. I want you to focus on exactly what that is to see your manifestation arrive. It’s a stunning feeling. A feeling of your life shifting. The focus of what you want to desire or what you desire is being really clear on it and you will be amazed at the moment you shift the focus. The filters change because these filters are very smart and they delete, store and generalize all information. This is why two people who are goal setting towards the same goal can experience goal setting in a completely different way.

What we talk a lot about in High Vibe Money Mama is being able to regulate your nervous system. That is going to change how you feel and how you feel directly correlates to how you think. If you want to check how more of High vibe Money Mama, you can sign up for a free 2 day masterclass! 

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