Powerful technique to access limiting beliefs

I’m going to share with you a powerful technique on how to access limiting beliefs. This is so important to understand how to access these because they are running unconsciously, all the time. 
Do you want to release the resistance you have when it comes to your business, wealth, success, money, balance, being seen, worthiness, all the things.

For those of you who don’t know, I help mompreneurs and female entrepreneurs release any resistance they have. I do this so that they can shine and rise in their business, the way that they were intended to. The one thing that I love about working with women who have children, is that they teach their children the techniques that they learned. It’s this powerful  ripple effect of being able to utilize mindset in a whole new way that is generational from here on out.

How to access limiting beliefs

We’re going to do an activity so grab a pen and paper … let’s start

First thing first: I want you to write down what you want, things that you desire to materialize into your life. Maybe it’s more money, maybe it’s business growth, maybe it’s more time with your kids, or maybe it’s not working so much. It could be something small, it could be something big, but don’t make it a bunch of things. Just one particular thing. 

I want you to ask yourself, what is preventing me from this?

We’re accessing clarity with these two questions:

What is it that I desire in my life?

What is preventing me from this?

If you feel like you can’t quite nail down what the thing is that you desire then I want you to just access what is the feeling? What feeling do I want? Then, what prevents me from this?

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If you haven’t done a lot of mindset work, then this may feel a little bit interesting, because you’re like, nothing’s coming up for me. But that is okay and it may take some time.

The subconscious mind takes in 11 million bits of data per second, and that is all stored in your mind all time at all times. If you haven’t done this work many times before, then essentially what may happen is it may take up to 48 hours for the answer to arrive. When it does, it comes in like a freight train.

Every belief system, on some level, is stepping in as a protector. It’s protecting you from something. So whatever answer you get, I want you to ask yourself, What am I gaining from believing this? Or what is this belief protecting me from?

Now I want to, I want you to ask yourself, is this 100% true? 

If the answer is I don’t feel worthy. I don’t feel worthy enough to receive a massive amount of wealth. I don’t believe I’m worthy enough of this. Do you really believe that? You’re 100% absolutely unworthy? 

If you do, how can we find three things to prove this otherwise? 

Practice Mindset Work

To practice accessing the supercomputer that runs 95% of your life, and any limiting belief. Essentially, we can view it as a protector. It’s keeping you comfortable, but not satisfied. 

If we were to call it out, unveil it, prove it to be wrong, send it on its way and start taking action then it is already releasing so much energetic weight from your body and your brain. What happens when we do this is that we are actually increasing our setpoint frequency. When we increase our setpoint frequency, we are putting out a frequency and a signal to the quantum field that then delivers an unlimited new amount of high vibrational opportunities and experiences that will begin to materialize.

 Whatever set point you are at, whatever vibration and frequency that you’re at, those are the things that you will materialize back into your life. When you release something that says I’m not worthy then it’s automatically going to start making you feel something different. Automatically, that emotion is going to put energy in motion, and that energy is going to increase your frequency. That energy is your source to materialize that high vibration thing.

What do I want? What do I want to feel? What’s preventing me from this?

Thank you for doing the work. You should be really proud of yourself for doing that. You can join our free community here and check out You, Rewritten: Rewrite your dreams, Manifest your destiny.

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