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7 Powerful Affirmations To Be A Confident Leader In Your Business

(And Two Common Mistakes People Make With Affirmations)

What are affirmations…and how they can help you

Affirmations are things that you can say as truth to allow for your mind to believe that as truth. Affirmations are usually things to calm down your nervous system, to allow you to step into your power, and also for you to see things in a new light and understand your full potential.

Affirmations often start with:

  • I am
  • I can
  • I will

We have so many thoughts running through our heads all day long saying things like How do I show up as a successful entrepreneur?, What does that even mean?, I’m tired, I’ve got kids, I’ve got a lot of things I’m juggling, I’m overwhelmed, I’m stressed, I have a lack of clarity, and now I just don’t know what I’m doing.

My Job As A Magnetic Success Coach

The first step in my job as your success coach is to identify what success means to you. The truth is there are three separate pillars that contribute to feeling successful. We often associate success only with the financial and that’s only part of the picture.

Next we identify the aspects of your life where you are already experiencing success so that you can step into that feeling and use it to move into that success in other areas.

That’s a good way to rebuild your identity as someone who is a successful leader and not slide back into your old identity. Your brain will try to keep you where you are not because there’s anything bad or wrong about your brain but because it wants to keep you safe and there’s safety in what it already knows. So building and growing into the other pillars of success starting from where you are already experiencing it makes it feel safer for your brain.

Identity Is A Key Part Of Affirmations

You are forming your identity and vision of yourself whenever you say or think “I am.”

  • I am a good artist
  • I am bad at math
  • I am a good mom
  • I am afraid of spiders
  • I am broke
  • I am not good enough
  • I don’t deserve success

Affirmations are how we shift how we see and identify ourselves. It’s how we change what we see as truth about ourselves on the deepest core level of our being. Whichever aspects of identity you want to change you can use affirmations to do that.

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The Science Of Affirmations

I’m going to show you something. Where ever you are right now I want you to look around and find the color white. Now find the color black. The neat thing about this is that you tell your brain what you want to see and your brain finds it. That’s how the brain works. It retrieves data, sorts it, and finds a way to prove it to be true.

That’s true of anything that you say. So if you say “I believe this to be true” your brain is going to say “Okay, now I’m going to find proof to believe that that is true so that I can store that data as truth inside of your subconscious.”

That means that if you say “I’m really scared that it’s hard for me to make money” then your brain is going to store that as truth and look for ways to make it true.

Here Are Some Powerful Affirmations For You

Show Me How This Can Be Easy


I Believe That Things Are Going To Come Easy To Me


I Am Strong


I Can Handle This


I Can Do Hard Things


I am really good at making things easy


I am at ease and opportunities are flowing to me


I can do hard things affirmation
photo by Sarah Noele

Find affirmations that resonate with what you are struggling with, as many of them as possible. For example let’s say I’m afraid of making a mistake. I’m afraid of failing because I failed before. Here’s an affirmation for that situation:

I am strong enough to persevere through anything that comes my way

That’s not a huge leap, is it? That’s not an unreasonable thing to believe. You can tell yourself “I can make this fun and easy and anything that comes my way I will learn from and it will allow me to grow.”

You reframe your negative thought or fear and pair it with intense energy. Then stay consistent with it and the new belief will flow more and more easily. Affirmations are powerful when you use your mind and your energy and your power with it.

This is why you don’t need to worry about random negative thoughts derailing your affirmation and manifesting efforts. Without intention and energy behind your statement it is not going to change anything.

Another mistake many people make with affirmations is starting with something that is so far away from their current identity that it’s impossible for them to really believe it. You have to say something that feels like it could be true. Affirmations work when you take it in steps and build up to bigger goals. If you’re only making $30,000/year right now, don’t use an affirmation of “I am making a million dollars a year.” That is not going to be believable to your subconscious mind!

Seeing Your Confident Self

self-hypnosis for confidence

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To be in business for yourself you know you need confidence.

Many people make the blanket statement “I am not confident” but I call BS on that. Confidence is not a flat state that you attain and then check it off the list. It’s shifts and changes and more than that it shows up in different places in your life. Chances are there are areas of your life where you are already confident. Are you confident in putting on your shoes?

When you say you aren’t confident, you are talking about not being confident in a particular area of your life. You can’t use “I am not confident” as a part of your whole identity. So thinking about gaining confidence, get granular about the kind of confidence you want. Is it public speaking? Is it showing up online more often?

And even if you say “I want to build confidence as a leader” you can go more granular. What aspects of being a leader do you need confidence in?

Our brains gather, delete, and generalize information so we have generalized that “I am just not confident.” But when you generalize it makes it feel bigger than it really is and then it seems impossible to change. But that generalization is not true. You are confident in certain areas.

As Anna said in Frozen 2, “Do the next right thing!”

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