One Thing Holding You Back From Cash Flow

This blog post is all about the one big reason why you may not be manifesting the goal of having more clients or more product sales. As a business owner, you’re probably anticipating a goal. Now, maybe you have a product and you’re trying to gain more awareness of this product, or you’re trying to sell to get more clients. These things will increase your income. 

Every business owner knows the more clients you have, the more clients that are coming in, and the more that you’re working with them, this means that you are materializing more income flow. 

It’s so much more than manifesting money

Here’s the one big reason that most entrepreneurs are not actually getting that goal. They’re trying to manifest money, but it’s actually something much bigger than that. 

When we’re actually trying to materialize more income through product sales or clients, there’s generally an energy leak. We’re focusing on the actual people coming in, or the product selling to get the money, which is actually enhancing more of that financial freedom that you’re potentially desiring. 

What is that energy leak that’s actually causing this? It’s your relationship with selling, and your relationship with marketing. The word selling? What does that bring up for you? Generally when someone wants to manifest something else, it’s something else that’s living below the unconscious level. It’s living in their body energetically and that’s affecting their nervous system dysregulation. It’s increasing the thoughts of change and discomfort. It’s the one big reason why most people aren’t able to get to the materialization of more product sales and these things, because there’s this feeling of discomfort around marketing or sales. 

To some, selling is cool and great because they’re offering solutions. To others, it makes them feel like a salesman. They feel cringy.

If the word selling and marketing is creating this feeling of discomfort, I want you to use that as one of our rising wealth coaches, Bridget says, use it as information. 

It is information

As Bridget likes to say, let’s explore it with curiosity. Once we explore it with curiosity, then we’re able to understand. I like to call it the scavenger hunt of self right. We do it with more of the playful, childlike energy to have an exploration and discovery of self. Once we discover that there is some discomfort, that right there is an indicator.

This is an opportunity for you to now take that information and say, Why do I feel that way? In that question, you are communicating with a past version of yourself that is begging to be explored. 

What you’re actually doing is building the muscle between your resistance and your goal. 

Take a journey with me for a moment.

You have a product, you have a service, and you want more financial freedom. You’re sick of feeling stressed out about money. Then you go into the energy of desperation. I need to book more clients, I need to do this. You’re approaching your sales with this energy of I need more money. When really, if we were to backtrack and explore, first and foremost, we want to gain more clientele. We want to desire more product sales, and we set concrete goals for you. Once we do that, then we have excitement and we have joy.

If there’s any discomfort or feelings around that, then we’re able to explore and understand. It looks like the money you’re stressed about but it’s not the money. 

The real reason why it’s there is because of a relationship with marketing. It’s a relationship with showing what you have to offer. Now, it’s showing up as I need money. When really, there’s a part of me that feels uncomfortable with showing up and sharing what I have to offer. 

We think that we have to manifest money.

It looks like this external object that I need, but really, it’s a part of myself that needs to heal. Once you get that instant gratification of short term satisfaction is when you feel safe again. When in actuality that feeling is going to come right back up again. Because it’s not the money. That’s the issue. The issue is, I’m feeling uncomfortable with going online and sharing my joy. Then you’re experiencing procrastination and all of these actual experiences of feeling stuck. Procrastination is actually your subconscious saying, I feel nervous about XYZ, which is showing up online being judged. 

I have to figure out a strategy. I’m going to look online for a social media strategy that I can do? What’s a Facebook ads strategy that I can do? Now, you feel even more stuck. 

A strategy is so important, but it will not get rid of your fear of marketing and selling. That’s something unconscious and a strategy will not do that. A strategy is going to support you and give you better results.

If you felt really good, and you knew that the intention of doing it was not about me. It’s about the people I help. You showed up for those people that you serve, because it feels good. You’re going to utilize a strategy and a brand new energy. That energy is going to feel completely different. 

Manifesting money sometimes isn’t about manifesting money at all. It’s about what’s living unconsciously, that’s getting in the way of receiving it. Which is, I don’t want to be seen. What if my product isn’t good enough? What if I don’t know enough? What if someone judges me? What if someone calls me out? What if I feel like a fraud? What if I’m not who they think I am? 

Where does the work need to be done? With re-establishing a connection to who you truly are and your why. 

Finding bravery, finding proof in the fact that it’s possible and doing it the way that feels good for you. So often it feels icky and gross, because we’re trying to run it on someone else’s program. We’re trying to look at someone else and copyright, unconsciously, what they’re doing, but with our whole other little branding spin on it. The reality is that you have your unique values, you are a unique human being with all different stories and all different beliefs in all different habits. Now you have a brand new, different and unique approach to how you sell your services and what you do in your service and what your products are. They’re different. 

You should be showing up in your unique way because not every single person wants to learn from a specific kind of energy. 

Someone wants to feel understood and understands their results and their values. You showing up with your story and with those value stacked results that you believe in, means that you are going to connect with a specific kind of person. There are thousands, if not millions of people that are going to connect with you and your product. This is the most important thing about rebuilding your relationship with marketing and selling because selling is not this icky energy. It is providing solutions. It is being in your empowered energy, sharing what you know, and helping other people. If you’re not showing up then they can’t see you. 

Notice that this relationship with marketing and selling is living in your body. So this requires nervous system regulation. This requires brand new perception, new brain filters that will allow you to take action differently. With that, you will be able to manifest the materialization of the financial freedom that you desire. It’s looking inward, if you want to manifest money. It’s not looking outwards, it’s looking within yourself. That is the key. 

Your business is a mirror image of you

The more you grow, the more your business grows. The more you decide to change and embody this new version of yourself, the more that you will gain the results that you desire to live the life that you desire. If you want a business that looks completely different than who you are right now, take a step towards the version of who you want to become. Notice that your business will directly result because of it. 

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