Naturally Become More Present In Your Life

How to nourish yourself so that your relationships and your business thrive with these 3 pillars of your success.

There will be a ripple effect of joy, presence and expansion in all areas of your life when you become a better you.  

I want to walk you through the beginning phases of how to not even necessarily become a better you. This is not just going to help you be more still and present, but to help you be better.

 The better you are for yourself. 

The better you are for your partner, if you have one. 

The better you are for your children. 

The better you are in your business. 

I think we generally feel overwhelmed, frustrated and not knowing what to do. Not knowing what to do with your family, wanting to make more money, wanting to do all the things and feeling stuck.

You’re probably asking yourself, how do I move through that? The reality is that we usually take an external approach. When you take an external approach to these feelings and thoughts you’re in an energy of desperation. 

There’s three pillars of what we need to focus onfor now we’re just going to focus on the tip of number one.

Family photo. Mom and dad with two daughters


  1. YOU 

You are the number one.

You are the top because you are the most freaking important goddess of them all.

If you are not OK then how can you be OK for everyone else. OK in your relationships, for your children, your partner and friends and your business.

That’s why you come first. you Rebuilding your self-worth. Rebuilding your alignment with your sole purpose.

The more you nourish yourself = the better you will be in your relationships

Think about it, are you truly nourishing yourself? Then, the most important thing is to ask yourself why. Why am I not taking care of myself?

The next question is, how can I be better for myself?

This can come as simple as your morning routine. What you’re ingesting. This can be nourishing, delicious, abundant food and clean water. Switching your morning routine to include nontoxic foods. The next thing would be, how are we removing those toxins from our life.

There’s so many areas that we can navigate these questions: How am I nourishing myself and am I nourishing myself in all areas? 

You can start anywhere and I want you to do this without any judgement. Today could be your start and I think that’s a beautiful place to be. Being a beginner in nourishing yourself and realizing that it all starts with you.

 You have more power than you could ever understand. Naturally, when you start taking better care of yourself all the sudden you become naturally present. You become a more excited person, a more magnetic person to be around and then again in your business. Your energy sells. 

You, Rewritten

 Take the time today to reflect on how you’re nourishing yourself. What changes can you make to better yourself? What kind of conversations am I having with myself and with others? Am I taking in too much social media? Too much Netflix? Explore within and be honest with yourself. 

It all starts with YOU. 

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