Morning Routine Ideas for Busy Fempreneurs -

Morning Routine Ideas for Busy Fempreneurs

It’s tempting as a busy fempreneur to leap straight into our work each morning but taking a few minutes for an intentional morning routine will actually make you more focused and productive. I recommend that you build a morning routine that combines three essential elements: a centering practice, a prioritizing practice, and an intention-setting practice.

Those pieces of your morning routine can be as short or as long as you want/need. Let’s look at some ideas for each:

Ideas For A Morning Routine Centering Practice

This part of your morning routine is a moment for self-care and for attacking the day from your very best head-space. It could be a few minutes of meditation, it could be a yoga pose sequence, it could be drinking your coffee on the porch, it could be washing your face or putting on make-up. Whatever makes you feel calm, centered, and grounded!

Ideas For A Morning Routine Prioritizing Practice

This is the point in your routine when you will make your plan for what you need to accomplish that day. You might make a master list and arrange in order of importance. You might time-block your various obligations and tasks. You might write out a detailed schedule down to the minute. Or you might write down the top three priorities and goals for the day.

Ideas For A Morning Routine Intention-Setting Practice

Finally, you can really super charge your productivity by doing something to set your intention for the day. My favorite method is doing an oracle card draw. I have a deck of affirmations that I pick a card from every morning and it helps me focus my energy in the right direction.

Because card draws are so impactful for me I also have incorporated them into my email newsletter. Every Monday I send out an email that includes a set of card backs. When you click on one you will go to the front of the card to get your affirmation for the day. Each Monday the cards in the email are reshuffled.

You can sign up to receive those emails here and you can use the card draws to set your intention for the week or you can save Monday’s email and use it each morning for the week!

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