Manifesting Wealth Using The Law of Assumption

Let’s talk about manifesting money! Yes, alllllllllll the wealth with the Law of Assumption.

Grab your notebook because I’m going to have you write a couple of things! 


Simply put – you assume that you have everything you desire, and it will flow into your life. 

Now, when you are under this kind of assumption that all good things are happening to me and I am not separate from that in which I desire, this is the law of assumption. 

I’m assuming that all of these amazing things are already happening. Therefore I don’t need to feel the want and the desire. 

This is where people get hung up. They’re asking, How do I act as if I have all of these things, if I don’t? You’re experiencing what I like to call cognitive dissonance. Because what you’re experiencing is my reality doesn’t match that which I’m assuming.

And it feels fake, right? Feeling like a fraud. How could I possibly call all of this in or assume that I have it with the law of assumption, if I am not seeing it in my physical reality?

Are you relating? Is there where you have been hung up? 

 The reality is, if you had the actual item, you’d be feeling something different. That’s where the biggest differences are. If we are experiencing cognitive dissonance, what’s going to end up happening is we are going to say, it’s not here. I’m not doing it right. Then, we sink into more doubt and more frustration. 

How do we start to focus on doing the law of assumption where we can be in the feelings of that in which we desire? It’s really not the thing that you want. It’s the experience of how it lights you up when you’re able to do more expansive things. 

You’re probably wondering, Ok Jamie, but HOW do I do this? 

I want you to think about what the thing is that you desire, specifically around money because that’s what I teach. Remember, money is the byproduct of cracking open your wealth container and rebuilding your relationship with yourself. It never has anything to do with money. 

If I want to be this receiver of wealth pouring in, what do I believe that is going to give me?

I want you to write down the top three things that you believe money will be giving you more in your life. What are the three top things that you feel that that massive flow of wealth would give you in your life that you don’t already have? That’s the most important thing to ask yourself. 

Basically, what we say with the law of assumption, and with this with those top three emotions is that if I find it now,  it’s not that I’m acting as if I have the money, it’s acting as if I have the emotions. That’s what it is. 

It’s not the money. It’s not the physical dollar that you want. It is the feeling attached to it. 

How do we embody it now?

The law of assumption acts as if it is existing in our life now.

This is your task of manifesting more money is embodying the law of assumption. It’s acting as if that’s acting as if I have more calmness, as if I have more pleasures, if I have more safety, more freedom, more ease, where can you find that now, because it’s existing in your life now. And when you receive the funds, when you receive the flow, the product sales, and all these things, it’s not that you just finally were able to feel calm, that you were able to feel pleasure that you’re able to have that freedom. Because if we wait until it arrives, we are constantly in the energy of separation and fear and disconnection from that. 

How do we find it? 

To embody that now I must integrate calm into my life. I must feel good around whatever sense of income I have now and find the calm and the ease and the pleasure in what is providing for my life now. 

Remember, to act as if it’s to feel not separated from it. It changes the way you see things and when you feel different. You think and act differently. That is how that works. 

How do we assume without cognitive dissonance?

I can simultaneously desire and want to enhance the feeling that’s already existing in my life. It is not I want and desire to only now feel better in my life embodying it now is closing the gap. 

That is the law of assumption. 

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