Three Secret Techniques That Make Manifesting Fast and Easy -

Three Secret Techniques That Make Manifesting Fast and Easy

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is simply the materialization of your beliefs, your thoughts, and your actions on a consistent basis. You are already manifesting all the time but what you need to learn is how to harness the power of the law of attraction (that things are magnetically drawn to the energy your thoughts and actions put out).

I’m here to guide you in manifesting with intention and drawing all the good things to you quickly and easily!

My Job As Your Manifestation Coach

What I do is pretty kick ass, if I do say so myself. I support you with rewiring the things that make you feel stuck when it comes to your business. I help you to see different and feel different and the by-product of that is insanely amazing manifestations. To do that I use neuroplasticity to permanently change the neural pathways of the brain, how cool is that? This allows you to manifest things into your life that you wouldn’t have been able to manifest with an older thought process.

Keep reading for a very advanced technique that speeds up your manifesting ability… Quantum Jumping.

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Quantum Jumping

Scientists have theorized about parallel universes for many years. These alternate universes are also sometimes called quantum realities. What it means is that there are infinite versions of ourselves in infinite different realities experiencing every different possible outcome to our choices.

“You almost can’t avoid having some version of the multiverse in your studies if you push deeply enough in the mathematical descriptions of the physical universe,” he says. 

~physicist Brian Greene, NPR

As wild as that sounds, go ahead and look into how quantum physics works and prepare for your mind to be blown! Respected publications such as Nature, NPR, and Forbes are all talking about parallel universes. If you’ve ever heard of string theory, that is the key to all the pieces fitting into place.

The Secret To Rapid Manifestation Held In Quantum Physics

What does all that have to do with manifesting fast? If the thing you want or the version of yourself you’d like to become already exists somewhere, you can “jump” to that reality. (Anyone remember the TV show Quantum Leap? Just me?)

It’s not exactly changing to a different universe but it is aligning your current self with the future self you want. In other words, taking a moment now to put yourself on the path to the future you want to experience. Some version of you will experience that reality, so why not this version of you? You just need to make sure that the destination of the road you are currently standing on is the one you want to get to. If not, turn a little bit so you’re on a different road.

This can happen very quickly, if you are open to it. you can shift to a new version of yourself instantly and that version of you is operating at a higher frequency, so lots more good high frequency things will come.

In order to do that there are things we have to work through first

Here are the three secrets to getting yourself to a place where you can be manifesting fast:

1. Energetic Blocks

I find it helpful to think of the sub-conscious mind as a separate being. It’s a being inside you that cares only about keeping you safe. It is well meaning but in the quest to keep you safe it can also be over-protective and hold you back. Sub-conscious means it’s under your conscious awareness. You don’t know what the sub-conscious is saying. You act from it without realizing where it’s coming from.

That’s where energetic blocks come from. The energy in your manifesting gets caught behind big blocks formed over many years by your sub-conscious interpreting experiences and creating its own set of rules. So if you have a block around money, even if you won the lottery your sub-conscious would continue to play out the same ideas about money and nothing in your experience of money will change (whether that means you lose the money quickly or you are unable to enjoy the money…whatever your sub-conscious money story is).

Unhealed energetic blocks become stagnant and can lead to physical and mental illnesses. I help people access all that is living under the surface and open up the sub-conscious to new stories. When you do that work on yourself you’ll be able to train your sub-conscious to know that you are safe with abundance and taking chances.

2. Self-Worth

We can only manifest experiences that we believe we are worthy of. Notice that being worthy/not worthy is not an absolute fact…it’s a belief. You were born with full confidence that you were worthy of love. As an infant do you think you wondered if someone would feed you when you cried? Not unless it actually started happening, which would cause a sub-conscious block based on trauma.

Look at your own children, do you think they aren’t worthy? Of course not! They are worthy of happiness and success and anything they want, right?

Lack of self-worth is a learned belief and it can be unlearned. You can be made whole again. To manifest fast you need to rewire your sense of self-worth. You’ll be manifesting fast once you know you are worthy of your goal.

3. Reverse Engineer

When you focus hard on the THING, the OBJECT, that you want a couple of things happen that close off your energy. One is that your brain gets skeptical. If you’re saying you want to manifest a Corvette, your brain is going “yeah? with what money? You can’t even save $5 a month.” So then we start shutting down and our focus has changed to how impossible it is, how far off it is.

The second thing that happens is that you grab too hard to the idea and try to control the outcome. That energy of controlling and trying to force something to happen is a very low vibration and it shuts down instead of expanding.

So I recommend to people that they focus their manifesting on the emotion they want to be experiencing. What feeling will your future self (who has everything you want) have? Sit in that emotion and let it open you up.

It’s all about changing your perception of what you’re capable of

There’s so many alternate ways to look at something. There’s a lot of things in our lives that we take as fact, tending to think there’s only one way of interpreting what’s happening.

For example, I have a friend who has been through serious trauma. She tends to interpret things from a pessimistic perspective. Recently she’s had to look for apartments and one that matched every criteria she wanted just happened to come available right when she needed it.

You know what I thought! I thought, look at the universe providing for you. Look at how you’ve manifested what you needed. It’s “kismet.”

But that’s not how she perceived it. The first thing she said was “What’s wrong with it?

Her trauma and the beliefs it instilled in her leads her to think good things are “too good to be true.”

We tend to interpret what’s happening around us sub-consciously, fitting it into what we have experienced before or what we expect to experience without even knowing that it’s happening. And we take that as being fact. We forget there are multiple ways of perceiving the same facts.

When your perception shifts, your reality shifts. There’s millions of other realities that you can shift into right now.

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