Let’s Manifest Together

Let’s manifest consciously to craft your life the way that you desire. 

I think the most important thing when it comes to manifestation is let’s ask ourselves this one question. What is one thing that you desire so deeply, something that you want to materialize into your life? That’s the first question when it comes to manifestation, getting crystal clear on something.

Step 1

Clarity is so important. When you are clear on something that you want to materialize into your life, I cannot tell you the amount of energetic vibration that is occurring in that moment. 

We want to start this manifestation journey with something that we just really want. To be clear on something that we know is possible and then we know is going to be good. 

Step 2

Now I want you to ask yourself, how can I experience the feeling of this that I want to call in?  Here it is, it’s not the thing that you want. Its the feeling that what you want will cause you to experience. 

What is the material object you want to call in? It’s not about the material object. It is about the feeling of having that thing in your life. 

How can you feel that all the time now? That’s the most important thing with manifestation. So many people are waiting for the thing to arrive to feel what they actually want to feel. The reality of the situation is that it exists in your reality somewhere, you’re just not focused on it. If you were to focus on what that feeling is, get clarity about what it is that you want to materialize and then create that feeling every single day. That is what helps you feel the things that you want to feel, take inspired action and become the receiver of the opportunity. 

Step 3

Here’s another fun thing that you can do, too. I want you to think about five things that you really, really enjoy doing. What are five things you love doing? Now I want you to think about what those things make me feel? What are those five things making me feel? Those are the things that you’re going to be doing more often. To enhance the energetic experience and emotion of bringing that into your life. 

Now let’s manifest!

Quick recap: What is the thing that you want to materialize? How can I experience the feeling of this? What can I do every single day, that’s going to get me closer to feeling that feeling?

A great place to start on your manifestation journey is with my book You, Rewritten.

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