Hustle Culture, Sacrifice, Long Hours...And Why You Don't Need Them For Success -

Hustle Culture, Sacrifice, Long Hours…And Why You Don’t Need Them For Success

If there’s one thing every new female entrepreneur has heard it’s that to be successful in your business you have to hustle all the time, sacrifice your time and resources (and maybe even more), and just never ever stop. Hustle culture has taken over every space entrepreneurs spend time in.

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Do you really need hustle culture?

Short answer is…no. Hustling has become glamorized. You can get any kind of t-shirt or mug with “Hustle, Girl” emblazoned on it. It probably makes you feel proud when you can show off how much you sacrifice to build your business. Sleep? I can’t remember what that is!

But the truth is, hustle culture is hurting–not helping–your productivity.

Burnout is the threat to your business

It might feel good for a while to be go go go go go. But then it catches up with you. You’ve worn yourself down and you can’t keep up that pace without sacrificing your health and your relationships.

And does all that work and sacrifice make you feel successful? Probably not. Suddenly you feel like a failure. You think you’re letting your business down.

Chances are you aren’t seeing a return on all that you’re putting in and there’s a simple reason why.

Real Success

Here’s the thing about “success.” It means something different to everyone. Those t-shirts don’t know what your definition of success even is.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that what you want to achieve with your business is the same as everyone else, but that’s just not the case.

You have to concretely define what success means to you or else how will you know when you’ve reached it?

For you success might be making $5,000 a month. For someone else they want $10,000 a month. For another person success has more to do with retiring their husband from a stressful job. You might think in terms of being successful when you are able to go to the grocery store without calculating the cost of the food. Or success might be when you are able to take two family vacations a year. Success could mean being able to get your dream home. Or to create jobs for people in your community.

Don’t just use the word “success” as short hand, first dig into what that really looks like for you.

What you actually need instead of hustle culture

Once you’ve defined success for yourself, how are you going to achieve it? By aligning your self, your goals, and your life. Let’s talk more about that.

When you are hustling you are saying yes to everyone and everything except yourself.

You’re saying no to yourself.

Ask yourself why you feel the need to hustle so hard? What about hustle culture is pulling you in?

  • People pleasing?
  • Lack of boundaries?
  • Multitasking but not focusing?
  • A scarcity mindset (fear that there isn’t enough for everyone)?
  • Fear that if you stop moving for a moment you won’t feel productive?

Once you narrow in and identify where the hustle culture shows up for you, ask yourself why.

If you stop hustling, what are you afraid is going to happen?

If you slow down…what are you afraid will happen?

That you won’t have enough money? That you’ll feel or look like a failure? That having boundaries is going to limit your business? That clients might leave you and trigger a fear of abandonment?

This often gets very deep and it’s okay to take some time to really dig into the root of why you are hustling and losing the healthy balance in your life.

The vast majority of the time those fears are completely baseless.

Once you understand that the fear is a low vibration energy and most likely a smoke screen to keep you from facing your full strength you can be aware of it and start to make a change.

That’s when your life changes

Slowly. Incrementally. But you’re going to feel it.

And once you experience that balance you keep moving towards better alignment because it feels so good. You’re going to love it.

what are you afraid will happen if you slow down?
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One of my clients struggled a lot with scarcity mindset

I was working with a woman who was very afraid to slow down because she didn’t believe that money would come to her. If she wasn’t hustling all the time she thought she wouldn’t be working hard enough and she wouldn’t be able to reach her income goals.

Can you relate to that? I know I can!

But when you slow down that doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard. It means that you are intentional with your work and how you are spending your energy. You carefully choose what you work on so you can have the impact without the frantic energy of trying to do all the things all at the same time.

Choose faith in yourself over the fear.

They’re both invisible things that you can choose to believe in. Why would you pick the fear?

How alignment creates your success

Alignment means leaning into what ever you believe in as a higher source, whether that’s a God, or your inner Self, or the universe. Alignment is knowing and trusting that you are supported. When you are aligned within your soul, you know that success is inevitable.

Because success may look like many different things, but failure ONLY happens when you give up.

Everything else is growth, everything else is learning.

To be aligned in your business means that you really know who you are serving and how you are helping. Knowing the drive, passion, and mission behind your business.

And then setting everything up in your business intentionally.

What it looks like in practice to let go of hustle culture

For me I like to set aside time every morning to center myself, to set my intentions, to plan my goals so that I can approach that day in my business knowing exactly the direction I need to go to achieve the success that I want with my individual goals.

I create a “Get To Do List.” Because why make it feel like a chore? These are the things I get to do to build and maintain the life that I love.

Start with this

The next step for you to let go of the hustle culture and get aligned in your business is:

  1. Set a schedule of your operating hours or office hours. Decide when you are open and when you are not working on your business
  2. Make a “get to do” list every morning (or the evening before) with three (yes, just three!) main tasks you want to get done, listed by priority.

Give yourself the time to transition from the learned behavior of hustle to the learned behavior of alignment.

And one more exercise to stop hustle culture in its tracks:

When you are staying late or doing more than you should, ask yourself who you are saying no to and why. Because every time you push yourself too hard you are sacrificing something. Make sure you know what you are sacrificing and whether it’s truly worth it.

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