How You Can Coach Yourself Into A Growth Mindset -

How You Can Coach Yourself Into A Growth Mindset

Every single human on this planet has room for more growth. And there are some techniques you can use on yourself to shift from a fixed mindset into one ready for growth. Having a coach (like me!) to guide you is enormously helpful but if you don’t have one yet, here’s a way to coach yourself into a growth mindset…

What Are Fixed And Growth Mindsets?

When you’re in a fixed mindset you don’t like to do things that you aren’t already good at, you give up when things are too hard, you take feedback very personally.

A growth mindset says “I can be good at anything” and “I keep trying until I do it.” You love learning new things.

The most beautiful thing about this is if you are experiencing a fixed mindset that’s totally fine. It can be changed! The mind is a muscle and it can be exercised in new ways. And that’s what we’re going to work on today.

The Two Sides To Yourself

Within us we have both ego and spirit. Ego doesn’t mean “egotistical,” it means how we see ourselves. Ego is the collection of ideas we have about who we are and what we are capable of. The spirit, on the other hand, is far more expansive.

Most of the time we are not aware of the war going on between these two sides of us. In fact, we are only consciously aware of 5% of the thoughts we have! Isn’t that mind-blowing?!

95% of the thoughts going on in your mind are below the surface—sub-conscious—and you don’t know they are happening. What you’re seeing in your life is the end result of thoughts that you are not even aware of.

This is why people struggle with intentional manifestation. The 5% of thoughts might be going the direction we want but all those subconscious thoughts are still impacting us. We have to be able to uncover what’s going on in our minds under the surface.

We have a choice between the two, we can listen to and believe the ego or the spirit. Once you realize that you can start to change your outcomes.

The Rooted Why

This is a powerful exercise to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset from deep within your mind.

If you are feeling a fear or worry, procrastination or resistance when trying to make a step forward in your business or in your life…there’s an energetic block.

Here’s how you can coach yourself to clear it:

Ask yourself: “what am I afraid is going to happen?” It may take time. Trust the answer that comes. Ask “why” and ask that a total of three to five times. Once you’ve revealed that deep reason, ask: Who taught me this? Is this my story or theirs? And can I give myself permission to release it and write my own story?

Here’s an example of how I used this technique several years ago to help me rewrite my money story:

I’m feeling resistance when trying to make more money.

What am I afraid is going to happen? I’m afraid of what people will think of me

Why? I’m afraid they’ll think I’m better than them

Why? I’ve always struggled with making more money

Why? I was taught the more money you have the more greedy you are

Who taught me that? My parents

My fear was that if I made more money I would be seen as greedy and then I wouldn’t be loveable or liked.

Before I did this exercise I was frustrated and angry with myself. Why couldn’t I make more money? I have children to provide for! I tried to increase my motivation by being hard on myself. Instead it destroyed my self worth.

Once I realized that I was carrying this subconscious idea that if I made more money people would see me as greedy and not like me I was able to see that not making more money was my ego’s way of protecting me from that fear.

But that money story wasn’t mine to carry. That was generations of my family feeling like money was difficult to make and never having enough. I was able to make a conscious choice to break that cycle.

And you know what?

Now I have the freedom to be generous with money! Instead of becoming the unlikable miserly person I was afraid having money would make me I am actually able to be so giving and kind with it.

One More Bonus Tip

Notice in my example how I said I was afraid that “people” would think I was greedy?

Who exactly was I thinking of? At first it’s like that nebulous “they.” “They say blah blah blah.” But who is “they”? The fear becomes a much bigger boogey man when you have this faceless blob of people that you’re afraid of their opinion of you.

So zoom in closer. Who are you actually afraid is going to have a bad opinion of you?

Is it your mother? Your best friend? Your church community? Someone else? Dig deeper into that fear and uncover who is the individual hiding in that “people.”

Once you know who it is you’re afraid of disappointing ask yourself: Do I think they can love me if I step into my best self?

If that person can’t be happy for you, proud to see you succeeding, then that’s a block that they are having in their own life. It really has nothing to do with you at all. It’s everything to do with how they see themselves. If they can’t support your growth, it might be time to let go of that relationship (I know, easier said than done!)

But if you choose to live smaller because of someone else you will absolutely regret it.

And the world needs you to be your most powerful self. The world needs more people to step into their best self and make change.

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