How to tap into WHY you hustle

Do you really need to hustle to reach the success that you want? The answer is that no, you don’t. I think that hustling is the mindset that I’d love for you to kind of shy away from. I want to be honest, because I know that it’s been kind of glamorized by entrepreneurs, like hustle girl hustle. That hustle mentality has been ingrained in us. Once you find the balance that feels good for you, then you’re going to find success when you commit 100% to your success. Your success is completely 100% unique to you. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s success, because success is this one very large, broad term. 

What does success mean to you?

Is it financial? Is it balanced? Is it your spirit being balanced? Is it being able to finally open your own business? Is it being able to get your dream home? Is it just a peaceful mind? 

Knowing what your success looks like is how you know that you’re going to reach it. Then you commit to that, because you have to embody the feeling of what that success looks like. 

Once you understand what that success actually looks like and feels like then you know what you’re reaching towards, and you have a reason behind it all. 

Why are you hustling?

I think it’s important for us to really narrow in on why we feel like we’re hustling. If you’re hustling, it can be kind of detrimental to your success. You end up with lack of clarity, lack of boundaries, you’re working too long, or you don’t know how to say no. When you’re saying yes to everybody, you end up saying no to yourself. 

It’s so important to get a little bit deeper to understand why we’re saying no. Why are we working so long? Why are we constantly thinking about our job? Why are we lacking boundaries? Where does that stem from?

When we are thinking about hustling, we want to ask ourselves why. What is your hustle? Are you hustling long hours? Is it a lack of boundaries? Is it being a people pleaser? 

Once you know the why, then you understand why you act the way you do. Then you can actually be consciously aware of changing it. When you change it, and you stay consistent with it, then your life changes.

A lot of times we’re hustling because we have a scarcity mindset. Maybe we’re afraid that if we stop hustling, then how am I going to know that I’m productive? How am I going to know that I’m going to make money? What if money is not coming to me? What if I don’t do well? What if I stop? What am I afraid is going to happen? Ask yourself that if I slow down, what am I afraid is going to happen?

What is alignment?

Alignment is really leaning into whatever you believe in. Whether it’s the universe, God divine, it’s just knowing that you’re being supported and being aligned with your mission. Being aligned means you’re supported and that failure is not an option. True failure only happens when you completely give up. When you completely stop. Everything else is growth. 

Alignment can look like … 

First off knowing who you’re serving, knowing the root and the meaning and the drive of your business. Then set that up intentionally. 

For example, I call the mornings meaningful mornings. I am setting intentions. I am pulling cards, journaling, drinking tea and I’m breathing.  I’m reviewing my goals. I know the reason and the purpose why I’m doing this. Having time management between your office hours and your operating hours is going to be hugely beneficial for you. Create a get to do list. Language is everything when it comes to your growth and development inside of your business. When you say I get to do these things, instead of I have to do these things, it feels so much more expansive, joyful and beautiful. Create your meaningful mornings with intention, set a time management schedule with your operating hours and your office hours and create a get to do list every single day.  Give yourself the time to align, time to transition out of the learned behavior of hustle and into the learned behavior of alignment. 

When your hustle is your sacrifice, you’re sacrificing something.

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