How to Take a Phone Detox as a Digital Entrepreneur -

How to Take a Phone Detox as a Digital Entrepreneur

When you’re an entrepreneur with your whole life online and digital, the idea of a smartphone detox might seem unreachable. Most of us know the feeling that we might be happier if we put the phone down just a little more often and gave ourselves room to breathe. And it turns out that your instincts are spot on. A short digital detox is fantastic for refreshing you and even making your work life more impactful.

You’ve heard me say a thousand times before, the hustle culture is not good for you. The idea that you have to be working all the time or you’re not trying hard enough is not only ridiculous, it’s a recipe for burnout.

It may seem strange but time away can give you better perspective so you make more progress with your work when you come back to it.

I’m not going to take your phone away for good. I know you need your phone to run your business! But I do want you to try this simple phone detox and then I’ll give you pointers on how to bring digital back into your life in a more balanced way so you don’t need a detox in the future.

How To Take A Phone Detox As A Digital Entrepreneur

Let’s ease into it over the week:

Monday: Set a timer for fifteen minutes per social media account that’s a time-suck for you and unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself or whose content isn’t that interesting to you. No guilt! Just unfollow and keep moving. Delete any apps you aren’t using and unsubscribe to email lists. (If, like me, you have a ton of them, you can use a service like Clean Email)

Tuesday: Turn off push notifications for as many apps as you possibly can

Wednesday: Make a plan the night before for what you’ll do first thing in the morning that is NOT looking at your phone. Maybe you’ll wash your face first thing. Maybe you’ll read something spiritual for five minutes first thing.

Thursday: Set up a charging station for your phone that is outside of your bedroom and leave your phone there when you go to bed. Try to not look at your phone for at least an hour before going to sleep.

Friday: Don’t bring/look at your phone during dinner. Have a nice meal with family or with friends and don’t pull your phone out of your purse or bring it to the table (if eating at home).

Saturday: Don’t go onto any social media or post

Sunday: Turn your phone off for the entire day (if you need to be able to be reached leave it where you can hear it if it rings but you won’t be tempted to use it

On Monday Slowly Add Digital Back In

Now you’ve had a break from social media and your phone you can use it again but I urge you to take a few minutes to think about how much you want to bring back.

If there are apps or even people that you didn’t miss, consider uninstalling and unfollowing.

Consider whether the charging station outside your bedroom is worth keeping or not bringing your phone to the dinner table. Maybe you want to do a once a week day of not using your phone.

It’s all up to you and whatever serves your life (and happiness!) best.

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