The Question On Everyone's Mind: How To Stop Caring What Other People Think -

The Question On Everyone’s Mind: How To Stop Caring What Other People Think

stop caring what other people think

Not long after you start your business the worries and fears around what other people think begin.

Before we talk about that just for a moment remember why you started your business. There was a reason. I know there was. There was something that set you on this path. Maybe it’s to be creative. Maybe it’s to provide for your family. Sit with that for a moment and just be so proud of yourself for being so freakin brave.

Don’t forget that bravery because you’re going to keep on needing it.

What often happens is we forget how to trust our intuition and take confident action.

We worry more and more about what other people are thinking and everything becomes confused and muddled.

Maybe you asked for feedback and got 18 different answers. Maybe your grandmother made a snide comment and suddenly you aren’t sure you’re on the right path after all.

Your plans and ideas are replaced with fears like: What if nobody likes me? What if nobody likes what I am offering? What if I fail? What if no one shows up? What if no one likes what I’m doing?

When in actuality what you really need to focus on is you and your instincts.

When you’re worrying about what other people are thinking you aren’t putting your energy into the purpose of your business, which is probably something that helps other people. Most of us go into business wanting to help people in one way or another. And in what way is your fear helping those people?

who is your fear helping

But how do you tune back into your own intuition when it comes to your business?

I’m going to give you a few simple questions to guide you on that…

  • Why did I open this business?
  • Who is my business for?
  • Why do I need to serve these people? What am I helping them with?
  • And what am I missing out on if I DON’T grow my business?

What are my kids missing out on? What are my potential clients going to miss out on? Who is not going to be helped because I was afraid?

how to stop caring what other people think

When you stop focusing on you and what you are afraid of losing you are able to move forward with purpose and intention.

I heard once something that hit home for me:

Scarcity mindset is selfish.

A scarcity mindset is consumed with “what am I going to get?” “What if there isn’t enough for me?”

When you are thinking about how you can serve then your business becomes fueled with purpose, authenticity, and drive. And that’s just from focusing on the exact thing you intended to do when you started your business!

Focus on the people you can help inside your business and you can’t help but thrive, you can’t help but shine.

Everyone has an opinion, right? Whatever you do someone is going to be happy with it and someone is not. But before you take in someone’s opinion think about where it’s coming from.

Is that person great at running a business? Maybe you do want to take their advice! But if they don’t run a business, you can still love them and take advice from them in other areas. But there’s no reason to take advice from someone who is not what you aspire to be like in the area you need advice in!

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Don’t cloud your mind with the opinions of people that aren’t doing what you want to be doing.

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