How to Grow Your Business

I want to grow my business, but I don’t know how or where to start. Have you said before? It can feel very overwhelming when it comes to marketing, especially with the amount of social media that we’re consuming. We start to look at other small business owners in our field and we start to think it’s so saturated. There’s so many things out there. So many people are doing so many things, maybe it’s making you subconsciously feel a certain way about showing up for your business. 

I want to break down a few things that can really help you get clear on how to actually grow your business. Well, first and foremost, I think it’s most important to understand what area you want to grow your business in. Do you want more brand awareness? Are you looking for more actual clients? Are you looking to sell more products or are you looking to have an increase in revenue? What is the type of growth that you’re actually looking for? Once you clarify that, then you have at least a good starting point.

Then what we’re going to do, is we’re going to talk about marketing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worked with my students and they want to market their business but don’t know where to begin. The majority of your growth and your consistency with growing your business comes from you. You are the main person that’s going to help this business grow. Implementing a strategy is only 20% of the growth. The thoughts you’re thinking are the actual 80% of your growth. It is the thoughts that you’re thinking. It’s how you show up and the belief system you have around the impact you want to make in your business.


I’m going to ask you a few questions first.  Do you know what your business is for? Who is it for? Oftentimes, as creatives, we open this business, and we say we’re going to serve everybody. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but when you’re talking to everybody, you’re actually talking to nobody. If you want to make a bigger impact in your business then the biggest thing that you can do is really niche down and know exactly who your business is for. 

When you want someone to work with you, they want to know that you it’s really for them. So first off, who is your business for? Let’s get super clear. Is it for a female or a male? What age is she? I don’t want you to do an age range, you want to make it for a specific person. Give them a name and an age. Are they married or single? Do they have kids? What do they do for a living? Ask yourself these questions and get really crystal clear. When you are making it for a specific person then you’re actually creating a magnet to your brand. This means anyone who identifies with that magnet is going to be magnetized and drawn to your business. 

What’s your niche?

Now what I find to be really true for a lot of people is that they are afraid that if they niche down then they no longer are going to be able to serve all of these people. If you want to make an impact in your business, you really want to know who you’re serving. This does not mean that you are actually cutting out the opportunity to work with more people, it’s actually increasing your opportunities to work with more people. 

That is the first question when it comes to marketing. Then I want you to ask yourself, what thoughts are coming up for me while I do this activity? Are there limiting beliefs coming up? Do I feel weird in my body? Think about what are those thoughts that are coming up for you right now because it’s really important to be aware of them. 

Next question you want to ask yourself when it comes to your marketing is, do I know what my ideal client really needs? What is the deepest transformation that they’re looking for? How do I solve that for them? What do they need? 

How do they know I’m here? How are you showing up? What avenues are you using consistently? Consistently is a very important word when it comes to marketing your business. What am I doing consistently inside of my business that will allow for this dream client to see me or to see my product? What avenues am I using? Do I have an email list or a newsletter? Am I showing up on Facebook, Pinterest or on Instagram? Am I doing networking? What are the opportunities that I have so that people can find me? 

When it comes to your marketing, are you being consistent? 

This is when mindset becomes really important. I help my students and my community with really identifying what is actually holding back that consistency. If you find yourself only wanting to post about your business when you feel like or an idea comes to you it becomes counterproductive.  You’re no longer making it about serving the people you actually want to impact. It’s become about you now. 

When you make it about you, then you lessen the impact that you can make in your business. Unfortunately, when you want a profitable business, and you want to be able to continue making an impact on your consistency, your organization, and identifying what is holding you back from that is going to leverage your business massively. 

Success is personal. Your personal success is different from anyone else’s and your success is actually doing the thing you feel called to do from your spirit and your soul. When you show up to serve people in that way, growing your business is more fun. 


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