How To Feel Like A Leader...Even When You're Unsure -

How To Feel Like A Leader…Even When You’re Unsure

One of the steps in being an entrepreneur is learning how to lead and how to shift your perception of yourself from a follower to a leader. This is more challenging than you might think because most of us are carrying ideas about what leadership is that may or may not be accurate.

The Goal Of This Work And What Being A Leader Really Means

When I first started leading my own businesses I had the perception of a leader as being bossy and not listening to others. That’s not what I wanted to be but I didn’t have a good idea of what else leadership could be. I had to learn how to release the stories in my head of what leadership was.

Because real leadership is a balance of healed masculine and healed feminine energies. Let’s talk about what that means!

Wounded And Healed Masculine Energy

We’ve talked before about masculine and feminine energy and how it isn’t actually gender-based but a way of understanding two very different types of energies in our minds and bodies.

Today I’m going to take it a step further and explain about wounded and healed energy. Masculine energy is a key piece of leadership. It is strong, confident, and achievement-based. When you have healthy masculine energy you are able to lead with trust and certainty.

But if you have wounded masculine energy your leadership becomes competitive, domineering, aggressive, controlling, and manifests in micromanaging and a lack of trust in the people you are leading.

One way to help you visualize what healing masculine energy could look like is to remember a time when you were in over your head with your children. Maybe it was when they were infants, maybe it’s when they are teenagers. But chances are you’ve had a time when you had to let someone else help you. That is the basis of the kind of trust that promotes healed masculine energy.

Wounded and Healed Feminine Energy

As mompreneurs we are particularly vulnerable to wounded feminine energy. If you struggle with:

  • low self worth
  • comparison
  • weak boundaries
  • people pleasing
  • hard time saying no
  • feeling unworthy

Those are all signs of wounded feminine energy that needs healing. Healed feminine energy is creative, flowing, in the zone. To start healing think about who was the feminine energy in your life growing up.

For me it was my mother and I basically inhaled her insecurities as a child and I had to learn to release her stories. Those stories are not mine, they don’t belong to me. . I had to forgive that version of her that did her best and saw her with eyes of love and did my own healing that I could step into the divine feminine.

You can heal those wounds. In my courses and programs that’s a big part of what we work on.

Bringing Them Together

The goal is allowing the healed feminine and healed masculine to live in harmony and balance. When you have that balance you can lead people with love towards a common goal and be flexible about how to get there.

You can only manifest the things you want for your business from a healed psyche.

How This Allows You To Be A Good Leader

Think about how are you showing up now. Is it in a toxic way or an empowered way? If you are micromanaging and not trusting and no one can do it as good as you can, that’s the wounded energy.

When you heal and balance your energies you’ll show up as a leader who inspires others and helps guide everyone to your goals. Check out all the ways to work with me if you need help with that healing!

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