How to Expand in Your Business


What does that actually mean in your life and in your business? Everyday we normally go through the same cycle of thoughts, beliefs, patterns, habits and often that results in the same kind of experiences. The interesting thing is that when we’re thinking about craving more expansion, what you’re actually searching for within expansion is the feeling of something different. You want to experience life in another way than you’re experiencing it right now. When we are chasing the actual external experience for expansion and hoping that will feel something different, we often still feel kind of stuck. Then, we end up getting frustrated thinking it’s never going to happen for me.


Often-times with expansion, it’s actually dissolving of old things that create new feelings. This gives you new thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that give you the new external reality.

It’s not the external world that needs to change, but the internal world that needs a shift. Did you know that 80% of your success is always internal. Most of the time we think of money as wealth, but that’s entirely the case. I have created an acronym for wealth. 

If you felt that towards yourself and your business versus feeling worried and doubtful, imagine that your external world is going to start changing. 

You cannot make any changes to your life, to your business, or to yourself if you’re not self-aware. 

The most important one is trust. Can I trust myself? Do I trust others? Can I trust myself to be fully seen and to receive?

I could imagine that if things were going to shift in your life and in yourself, the number one thing to ask yourself is am I OK with being seen? I think that keeps coming up for almost every single person in my community. 

Your business is the mirror image of you. The more you’re willing to work on yourself then the more your business is going to thrive. The more you look within, the more your business will expand.

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