How To Create Sustainable Goals

I want to be able to give you some actionable steps that are going to allow for you to have more sustainability in your growth. Because a lot of times when you are doing anything that has goals in mind, what ends up happening is we focus on strategy.

I have this goal, and I want to reach it. 

So I’m actually going to get a strategy put in place and I’m going to follow the strategy. Now, what ends up happening when you end up doing this strategy is that we have to think about the goal setting ratio. We want to think of the goal setting ratio like a pie. 

Now, we have to take 20% of the pie and it’s your strategy. The rest of it (80%) is all that’s happening in your unconscious mind. The actions that you take, the way that you see yourself, all of these things are your unconscious mind. A lot of times when we look at that pie, we really don’t understand that 80% is most likely going to take over that 20%. That 20% is like yes, the strategy is really great and it’s so amazing, and so impactful. I encourage strategy like that and my business has a ton of strategy in it. The benefit of having a strategy is that you know where you’re going. The energy behind that strategy really matters and the sustainability of how you approach it. How it gets there is so much different, because you may have implemented a strategy and then it falls short. Then, we blame the strategy but it’s never really that. 

It’s the 80% that we want to think about. 

Every behavior is a belief or a need that isn’t being met. Those are the two things that we always want to look at. So when we are feeling overwhelmed, when we’re feeling stuck, when we’re feeling anxious, when we’re feeling like I don’t know how to get there, or the strategy starts becoming like you’re walking in mud, like I’m feeling resistant to this, I don’t want to show up anymore. We have to look at that energy, and really examine what’s happening.

What ends up happening is when you have those tools to do that it allows you to take the next step to understanding that I have a new perspective. I don’t feel stuck anymore because  I understand my needs or my beliefs. 

Potential beliefs that could be holding you back in taking your next step. 

When you are looking at this goal that you want to reach, you have to think about the version of yourself that reaches that goal. What behaviors, actions, thoughts does that version of you have? We have to think about the behaviors that person has.

 We look at the difference between two columns, the current behaviors versus the behaviors of maybe someone who has already reached that goal, or someone who the behaviors that supported reaching the goal. Now look at them side by side. 

Then what we do, is we look at that belief or behavior rather than the person that has reached the goal. They have to say, what is the difference between these two behaviors? Then we have to recognize the person that has reached that goal may feel more comfortable with being seen or may feel more confident and has fallen in love with their products. We have to get from that version of where you currently are and create a strategy to be able to release mindset blocks and nervous system blocks to get you there. This is totally doable, you just have to have the right tools. 

Let’s say that you are reaching your goals and you’re feeling something completely different. Then we have to ask, is it a need that’s not being met? It’s really important to think about this. There’s a range of different needs: we have survival needs, belonging needs, power needs, fundings and freedom needs. 

Survival needs are the basic survival needs. 

I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m scared for my safety. I’m tired. So really, it’s embodying safety and security. 

Belonging needs are essentially this need to feel connected with self & others. 

Feeling affection, feeling loved. And things like this is like we just have to understand what is what do I need in that moment? Right? I understand what’s missing. But do I need a hug? Do I need to call a friend? Do I need to be with my friends? Do I need a family member next to me? Do I need to reach out to my community or my coach? 

Power needs are the need to feel seen and like you matter. 

I want to feel accomplished. I want to feel helpful or challenged.

Fun needs are laughing and having fun. 

Is that there or is there a lack of fun and enjoyment in your life? 

Freedom needs are being able to feel independent. 

You want to feel like you have boundaries and that those boundaries aren’t being crossed. 

I want to refer back to that pumpkin pie just for a moment. We want to look a that 20% as your roadmap to get you there. The rest of the pie, that 80%, is all of those emotional needs. It’s all of those needs that are maybe not being met, all of those ideas and all of those underlying beliefs.  

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