How to Create an Evening Routine for Better Productivity -

How to Create an Evening Routine for Better Productivity

An evening routine doesn’t mean changing everything you do. The whole reason to have an evening routine is to enhance your life and help you feel good. Setting up an elaborate routine that isn’t realistic to your actual life isn’t going to help you feel good and productive! An evening routine can be simple. The most important element is how it makes you feel.

Here’s what you think is going to make you productive tomorrow:

  • going through a list in your head of everything you need to do
  • giving yourself a stern talking to about that one task you’ve been avoiding
  • distracting yourself and “relaxing” by scrolling on social media

But that’s actually an evening routine for a stressed-out day tomorrow.

Here’s what I want you to try instead:

  • Do something that makes you feel fresh such as washing your face, putting on cozy PJs, and brushing your teeth
  • Do something that puts you in a great mood such as having a good conversation with your partner, meditating, or watching something funny
  • Put down your phone at least thirty minutes before it’s time to sleep. (Need tips on how to STOP THE SCROLL?! Check out this post: Why We Scroll When We Don’t Want To)

Okay, now instead of thinking about all the things you have to do or should do you are going to think about the things you want to call into your life.

In that soft state just before sleep your mind is in absolute prime condition to manifest.

We are going to take advantage of that. Think about whatever it is that you want to happen. Maybe it’s get five new clients. Maybe it’s make $500 more a day than you are now. Spend that time while you are drifting to sleep imagining that happening, visualizing what you want arriving in your life.

You should start to feel joy washing over you and you’ll fall asleep into a deep state of contentment.

How will this impact your productivity the next day?

You are very likely to wake up in an energized state if you’ve done this manifestation exercise while falling asleep. Take advantage of that energy and start your day with that one task you’ve been avoiding.

This is a well known productivity hack! Because that thing is weighing on you. The avoiding it is eating up your energy at an alarming rate. Getting it out of the way first thing is an AMAZING feeling!

The weight lifts, you feel so much more energy and you are ready to take on the rest of your Get To Do List.

That’s right, instead of a “To Do” list you are going to make a “Get To Do List.”

That little change in how you think of what you want to get done today is going to make you so much more productive. Subconsciously you’ll feel more eager to do all the things on your list.

One word of caution about being productive

Be careful, though, of using work to distract yourself from dealing with emotions. Being productive is a great feeling but if you find yourself feeling guilt if you aren’t “productive enough” or feeling wrong if you aren’t working all the time you need to take a step back and assess whether you are using work as an avoidance mechanism.

Productivity is inspired action that impacts your business and moves you forward. If you are just busy that’s not the same thing as being productive. So keep an eye on that and if you need help getting out of the frenetic feeling of busy, busy, busy, busy and the fear that goes with it, consider signing up for my Brave Biz course (or re-do it!)

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