How To Charge Money With Ease

Do you feel discomfort when it comes to charging for your services?

When you charge a client, this is simply an exchange. It’s an exchange of the energy that you’re bringing. Not only the energy that you bring, but also the product or the service that you’re bringing.

People buy people. Then, they buy products or services. You are a HUGE factor of that value. I want you to ask yourself: why did you open this business? Your why is what is going to light you up! 

When we start these businesses, we have to do it while trying to bypass all of our old feelings, beliefs or stories that we’ve heard about money or success. We start this so scared because going out on your own to run a business is scary and most likely didn’t know how to do it all right away. 

We have to tap into what lit you up when starting your business. Tap into the energy of feeling so good about what you offer.

When you wake up every morning, are you thinking about lucky you are that you get to do what you do? Or are you thinking about what you should or have to do? 

If you enjoy helping people, getting to make someone feel beautiful or getting to help someone solve a problem that they’re experiencing then you’re going to wake up in that energy of being lit up for doing what you do.

We’re lit up and excited because we get to make someone feel something and that’s why people happily hand their money over. You are giving to them the energy that they desperately desire.

What is the number you cap your prices at?

When I asked this to a class I was teaching, mostly everyone capped out at $400. They felt physically uncomfortable charging over that amount. What this tells me is that in the specific industry that I was speaking with, there’s a perception of investments over $400.

The interesting thing about perception and projection is that perception is basically your view on money and your view on what you think you should be charging. When you start comparing what others are charging in your industry or in your area of business then you’re going to project that perception. 

Are you not charging over whatever your capped number is because it feels physically uncomfortable? This means that you now project that perception of OK well, it feels physically uncomfortable around this particular number so the likelihood of you actually charging over that number with ease is going to be something that you’re going to have to navigate.

All it took was one time for you to feel uncomfortable or for a client to say that you charge too much money to change YOUR perception. 

That’s all it took, was for one other person‘s perception of what is expensive, what is valuable or what was in their budget for you to believe that you can’t charge over. Someone gave you a feeling that one time and now your brain is going to go weird around it. It’s going to set an alarm system which is going to cause you physical discomfort.

How to navigate this feeling of discomfort.

You need to fall back head over heels in love with your business. See yourself as the most valuable person for this job. No matter how many people are in your industry, it doesn’t matter.

You are a mirror image of your business. Find your superpower that you bring to the table in your industry. If you’re going to charge with ease then you have to feel at ease. You also cannot feel shame around the number you’re asking for. 

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