Heal your money story with your partner

How to navigate healing your money story of money trauma with your partner.

I think it’s important to start with what money trauma is. We have all probably experienced some type of trauma in our lives but maybe not money trauma.

You’ve lost everything. 

You had a large sum of money taken away or stolen from you.

Maybe you have watched someone that you love experience a lot of loss.

You could have witnessed a lot of fighting around money and it created a disruption in your nervous system. 

A lot of times we’re not really aware of the fact that there’s something living below the surface. It comes up with resistance and can bleed through in our actions and our words. That’s how the unconscious shows itself through procrastination, worries, fear, panic, and excuses that would potentially hold you back. 

On a conscious level you may be desiring financial freedom in your business. Maybe you want to make more money or you have more money going out than coming in and you can’t seem to change it. This is because, unconsciously, we have an experience that needs to be moved through effectively. As you start doing that and you start using the techniques that I give, you may witness that in your life you may be doing the work but then all the sudden your spouse has a not so great money story. 

 My husband and I had to work through our own money traumas. 

If you want to hear our story, listen here.


If your partner or somebody that you’re working with isn’t ready, it’s OK! It doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future. Keep your heart open and love them through whatever they’re experiencing. This has been super beneficial for me and all of my relationships because not everyone’s ready for the work. 

Everyone’s journey is different. I hope that your journey with your heart open, that you will be a light of what is possible for the people in your life. That you know whether you’re  aware of it or not, that you are creating a ripple effect. You are creating a ripple effect for the people in your life. 

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