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Handling Change: Why Change Feels Uncomfortable (And How To Move Through It With Ease)

You are probably not exactly where you want to be in your life. I say that because just about none of us are! We see so many things every day that are #GOALS but at the same time handling change is tough. We want to change in some ways but we also struggle with change in some ways. That’s how it is for me.

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Scrolling Instagram and seeing these seemingly perfect curated lives doesn’t inspire me, it distresses me. It makes me feel behind, it makes me feel far from where I want to be. And we can talk all day about how most of what we are seeing on social media isn’t reality but it’s also okay to want to change some things in ourselves and our lives.

You Can’t Handle Change When You Move Too Fast

We live in an instant gratification world. We’ve gotten used to overnight delivery, instant results, and IG reel montages of progress condensed into 15 seconds. I’m not here to say that’s bad but it does impact how we are handling change in our lives.

Trying to get results too quickly will hold you back in a few ways. The first is that trying to make a big change quickly sends your limbic system into a panic. Your brain will trigger a fight or flight response when things are changing too fast.

As we’ve talked about before, your brain is designed to keep you safe so even if it feels like it’s holding you back it’s coming from a good place!

Another problem is that when you expect instant results it’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t get the change you want instantly or close to instantly. You may have noticed that a lot of the people talking about manifestation claim that it works super fast. But in reality it takes consistent and sustained practice.

No one wants to hear that! So many of the coaches in mindset and manifestation will hype up fast results so that you’ll click on their link, buy their courses. They want you to think they have a unique secret to making manifesting results instant.

But the biggest one is…

Changing From A Place Of Lack

Stay with me for a minute here.

When you are inspired to change because you feel like you’re missing something, that other people have more than you, that you need to fix something that’s missing in yourself—that’s when change is uncomfortable.

Too many people think: if I just had this, or did this, or got this, then I would be happy and feel successful. But they get the thing and it doesn’t help.

That’s a sign that they are changing from a place of lack instead of abundance.

handling change easily, change that feels good

When you achieve from a place of fulfillment it’s totally different.

So don’t get discouraged that reaching the results you want isn’t going to feel as satisfying as you hope. It truly can. It just needs to be inspired by a desire for more, striving for your goals because you want them. And you have to feel worthy of that change.

The Key To Change That Feels Good

The number one, most important thing, is working on your mind so that you feel worthy of the change that you want. If you don’t feel that you deserve it you aren’t going to be able to change.

I have many resources for working on your mindset. I recommend starting with The Rising Soul Toolkit.

When you know you deserve good things in your life you’ll be ready for change that is exciting and fun!

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