Five Ways To Practice Manifesting Techniques In Under Five Minutes

If you could start manifesting great things into your life in under 5 minutes, would you? You can do this using techniques you already know how to do.

Let’s do this thing…

The basis of manifesting is that like energy is attracted to like. If you’re feeling tired, worn down, grouchy, or discouraged more experiences that align with that are going to show up. Improving your mood will change the experiences you attract almost instantly.

So if you’re feeling draggy perk yourself up with some fast manifesting techniques:

5 actions to lift your vibration

Get your blood pumping. When you feel blah turn things around by getting up, stretching, going outside, taking a brisk walk. A little bit of exercise lifts spirits rapidly.

Change gears completely. If you are a hair artist spending most of your time in creative work, take five minutes to read a biography or do a logic puzzle. If you spend most of your day analyzing data, take a break to draw or dance. Shaking things up will energize you for new things in your life.

Turn on some mood-lifting music. Anything that makes you feel optimistic, happy, and expansive is perfect for manifesting.

Sit in gratitude for a few minutes. Don’t agonize over what to feel grateful about, just pick something that’s right in front of you! Let the gratitude swell in you as you appreciate the window that lets in the sunlight or the content little spider who keeps flies away. When you’re grateful for what you already have, the universe is quick to bring you more things to be grateful for.

Give someone a sincere compliment. Whether in-person or online tell someone the positive thoughts you’re thinking about them. Say something to lift someone else’s spirits and it will raise you up too.

All five of these quick actions will lift the vibration of your manifesting energy, bringing more happiness and good things into your life!


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