Dissolving Limiting Money Beliefs

 At the end of the day, when we are sitting in our business and the byproduct of what we are calling in, we want to be able to reach financial freedom. It’s not about money. Financial freedom is the energy of ease. It’s the energy of being able to do more of the things that you love. 

The more that you are able to bring in, it’s going to be an amplifier of the good inside of you.  The more that you’re able to create, as a simple byproduct of doing the things that you love, you get to actually do more good. It’s this continuation of good.

Dissolving Limiting Beliefs with 3 Powerful Steps


Becoming wildly aware is simply the essence of becoming the observer. The observer of your thoughts, the experiences that you’re having, your reactions, and your responses. When you become the observer, you’re actually tapping into your higher self. Your higher self is your soul’s expression through thoughts, words and actions. When you are able to tap into your higher self then you’re able to tap into more love, acceptance and honoring of where you’re at.

We need to observe the stories in your life, which are simply your past. It is a collection of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, things that you’ve heard on repeat, stories that you’ve taken as your own and over time this is something that continues to happen. You’re always continuing to create new stories. 

You’re continually learning more about how you perceive the world and how you perceive yourself. The more you have of this awareness, the more you’re able to observe and recognize it as your past self. Now that I want to be in this new self, how can I observe my past self with kindness and with love from my higher self?

Now, once you have those you become the observer. Becoming wildly aware, it’s going to change your life because so many times people are just on auto pilot. They have zero awareness and without self-awareness there can be no expansion.


Whatever you ask for is what you will receive. Whether that be unconscious or conscious. Specificity is key. You need to get specific on the amount of money you want to call in.

What is it that you want to receive? What number is going to light you up? That’s the most important thing. We don’t want to get to the point of where you’re in disbelief, but you want to get into a space where it would be absolutely incredible to be making that consistently.

We need to have things that light us up because when we have them lit up inside of us, we’re actually creating the sense of possibility. When there’s a sense of possibility, then the distance goes down and we feel so much more excited!


Is this umber going to give you security? Whatever you have connected money results amount to the feeling, that’s what you need to search for. Now you need to find proof of it. If it’s going to give you ease then where are you finding ease in your life now?

The lack of ease in your life now isn’t going to connect you to more funds. The lack of feeling stable or secure is not going to magnetize you to these brilliant ideas.

Whatever you are searching for is already in your life. We’re just not focusing our energy around it. 

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