Dissolve Self-Doubt with these 5 Questions

How to overcome and eliminate self-doubt. 

Is self-doubt something you struggle with in your life? Do you want to learn how to overcome it and eliminate it?

This is going to be one of the first things you have to overcome when beginning your manifestation journey. 

You could be experiencing self-doubt in your personal life, the expansion of your business, self-doubt in wanting to onboard more clients or even just adding more products/services. Maybe, it’s just overcoming self-doubt in general.

Questions to ask yourself

If the answers to these questions don’t come to you immediately, that’s completely normal! Did you know that your unconscious mind takes in 11 billion bits of data per second? Therefore it has to filter through A LOT of data and this process of asking your unconscious questions can be instant or it can take up to 48 hours.

Your baseline on this planet is love and joy!

Did you know that it is your birthright to be wildly wealthy, to be happy, and to be enjoying this one experience? Your baseline is not to feel self-doubt and it’s not to feel unworthy of receiving the things you’re born for.

Who would you be without self-doubt?

Would you have more confidence? What would your life be like? How would you feel?  Who would you be? What would your business look like? Perhaps you would be truly doing more of what you love? Maybe you would be getting more confident in your offers and your ability? Would you be making more of an impact with your product sales or your service based business? Maybe you would be getting more clients?  Would you be financially free? 

Without self-doubt, you would be so magnetic that people would want to work with you and buy from you!

Is this something you truly believe is possible?

If your immediate answer was “no” then that’s OK. I once said “no” too. Life was hard. I was so used to suffering and  I was so used to experiencing pain day in and day out. I believed there was no way that I could say “Yes!I fully believe it’s possible to not feel this suffering anymore.” BUT here I am, without anxiety and without all of those things that I mentioned before.

It is possible. Whether you believe it or not, it is still possible.

Is there someone I’m afraid of that’s going to judge me?

When you release any self-doubt you’re experiencing, what you’re saying is that “I’m feeling comfortable being seen.” In your business, when you’re experiencing self-doubt, you may not be showing up as frequently and you know you may not be doing the things that will help you reach your goals. If you were showing up more and doing the things you know would get you there, then you would be more visible. Being more visible may come with the fear of being potentially judged and that alone stops most people from taking action towards their business goals.

When you become magnetic and vibrant, you’re willing to show more of yourself which means you show more of your business. Your business is a mirror image of YOU.  

What are you doing each day that supports your self-doubt?

This question is going to take a lot of reflection on your daily habits. Maybe you have a daily habit of scrolling on social media and comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing? Are you thinking about the things that you want to do but not taking any definitive action towards that? Do you talk negatively to yourself? Are you surrounding yourself with people who aren’t dreaming big and are filled with self-doubt? Do you criticize yourself? 

 Once you find out what you’re doing daily that supports self-doubt, it’s time to release it. It’s time to change your thoughts and your actions. If you don’t know where to begin with this, check out my Dissolving Doubt Masterclass.

What can I do today to support a more magnetic version of myself?

This is going to look so different for everyone. Dp you need to do more movement? Is this 5 minutes of being still and in the moment? Reading a book? Listening to a podcast? Is this being able to join a Facebook community of people who are in business and wanting to thrive? Is this becoming a high vibe money mama?

Whatever it is that you decide to do, stick with it. Make it a habit. When self-doubt starts to creep in, lean into that magnetic version of you. 

Everything that you desire is possible. 

 As you expand, grow, release more self-doubt and start to trust yourself, you’re going to see the biggest difference in you. Remember, your business is a mirror image of you.

 If you really want to start falling back in love with yourself, your business, and start feeling like you want to show more people what you have then my Time for Funds course is for you. 

Time for Funds is about falling back in love with your business. It’s about releasing self-doubt and to be able to create the heartbeat of your business. I’m going to teach you how to be able to ring energy back into your business. I’m going to show you how to expand your business and  tap into effortless cash flow. 

 Wherever you’re at, know that you are loved, supported, valid and you are important – you’re so important. The world needs your impact.

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