Create a Business on Your Terms

Manifestation isn’t all about mindset.

Mindset is just a portion of manifestation and is important to know. What I teach inside my programs is how mindset and energy work together. I teach how to regulate your nervous system because so many times we don’t even recognize that we are in a fight, flight or fond response. Working mindset and energy together is how you create s business on your terms.

Did you know that our nervous system is actually millions of years older than our brains? Our body remembers things so this is why all the sudden you find yourself scrolling on the Internet for hours or feeling like you constantly have to achieve or this toxic hustle mentality. 

The moment you want to heal your nervous system and manifest more desires is when we have to recognize if that’s coming from a space of I need more or do I actually want to intentionally scale my business to create more freedom in my life? When we decide that we want to scale our business for more intentional freedom, so many people have this intention of, well I have to sacrifice more. No, we’re already sacrificing too much time. Not just physically away, but mentally.

When you’re already forecasting all of these thoughts of the things that you have to do then you have no more mental real estate. Then you’re scrolling on the Internet and you’re seeing all these things and we’re in a constant nervous system dysregulation process. 

Are you doing ALL the things in your business?

When we break down the nervous system regulation portion of it, the mindset portion of it and we also go back into the strategy part of your business, a lot of times solo entrepreneurs are doing all the things.Maybe, there’s a sense of control that’s happening and you don’t even have the first step of understanding how do I begin to take more of this off my plate? Being able to scale a team is really important but the most important thing is what is your area of genius? When you figure out where in your business brings you the most joy and you tone in on what you feel most magnetic around then you’re able to delegate tasks.

Creat a team to support your business.

Even if it’s just one person being able to help you. Imagine what that would feel like if you had a team member that could support you and could happily take things off your plate. You’re able to breathe. 

The more you love what you’re doing, your business is going to reflect that energy.

There’s a reason why you opened up your business and I can bet on some level you like what you do. You opened up your business because there’s some layer of love and connection to what you create. Otherwise, you wouldn’t dedicate your life to doing it but when we go back into the reason of why you do it and shifting how you see your business. 

Your business is an extension of you because you are your business.

 If you’re wondering why your business isn’t thriving, it mainly comes back to you. When you can say OK this is an opportunity for me to look inward and to be able to fall back in love with my business, to create a business that supports the way I want to live my life.

No one is telling you that you have to run your business in any other kind of way except for you.

When you start giving yourself permission to run your business the way you want to instead of doing things that you feel like you have to do. When you do things that actually feel good is when your perception is changed. Right now, you may not like something because of your perception of it but if you change the way you look at it, it directly affects your life. If it fills your cup then that is the right direction. 

If it’s not filling your cup, we have to look at 1) nervous system 2) mindset number 3) are you doing it the way you want to.If the answer is I’m not doing it the way that I want to then that let’s figure it out. 

I have a smaller program called Time for Funds and this is all about falling back in love with your business, being able to create the heartbeat of your business and creating a business on your terms.

Do you feel like you don’t know how to sell or feel like a yucky salesman? The reason is because selling from the soul is completely different than how you’ve ever been sold to. Oftentimes we have a perception of how we don’t want to be sold to or how it didn’t feel good and we’re afraid that we’re gonna come off that way. When you show up the way that I teach you and find the heartbeat of your business and soul selling you’re going to feel like you’re speaking to exactly who needs to hear it right now. 

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