Coach Yourself to Have a Growth Mindset

Have you ever wondered how to coach yourself into a growth mindset to elevate your business? You’re at the right place.

If you have a fixed mindset that does not mean you can’t have a growth mindset. Our mind is expansive. Our mind is a muscle which means you can change how you think. It’s not your fault if you have a fixed mindset. You were most likely taught this way of thinking. 

It is only until you choose differently that you think differently. 



Your ego is not your truth. It may feel like your truth, but it’s not. It’s an illusion which can be really weird to wrap your head around. The ego is your subconscious and the subconscious is the collection of thoughts and things. It’s basically a recording of your past memories, your experiences, including your traumatic experiences and this is what you’ve been taught.

Your ego is a lower order of reality that is synonymous with fear, sickness, confusion, separation, suspicion, and rejection. In a way, your ego wants to protect you. 


Your spirit, on the other hand, is a higher order of reality. It’s full of love, wholeness, expansion, growth and understanding. Your spirit will remind you of what is really true, not just your truth but the truth that can be found inside of yourself when you are still and listening.

When life gets crazy your spirit is what is going to keep you centered, grounded and at peace.

Do you want to step into your highest self? My book YOU, Rewritten is for the entrepreneur who is ready to powerfully manifest and no longer feel held back by false imitations of the mind.

You are a mirror image of your business so whenever you are feeling like you’re slacking inside of your business, it’s actually a mirror image of where you are falling short internally. That’s one of the beautiful things about being an entrepreneur and a mother because it fights every part of you. It is personal development every single day being a mom and being a business owner.  It’ll show you the areas that you really truly need to grow and heal in.

One of the biggest issues is that most of the time we’re not really aware of the war going on between our conscious mind and just the being. The subconscious or the ego part of you is responsible for 95% of your thoughts. This means you’re only aware of 5%. 

You don’t have to start manifesting.

You’re already doing it. Your manifestations are just materialized results of your beliefs and actions. 

Take a look around you, if this is the life you’ve always dreamt of then that is in your image of your beliefs, thoughts, ideas and actions. 

If you’re thinking to yourself I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to give more of a life for my family but then you start doing it and resistance comes up. You end up self sabotaging all of these things and you end up not doing it. Where you have all these worrisome feelings or ideas is just your belief system.

People get frustrated about it because they procrastinate and then they get really upset with themselves. Then, they’re asking themselves I don’t know why I can’t do it, but really, none of it is your fault. Your ego is a collection of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that you have been taught by other people who had those thoughts and beliefs. You were like a sponge, soaking in others thoughts and ideas because you didn’t have any conscious reasoning. 

Basically, you have a whole collection of other people’s stories living inside of your subconscious. You may wonder why you may not feel like you can do the things that you want to do. Did you know that you’re really only aware of 5% the conscious thoughts. The ego and the spirit can be fighting for our attention and a decision for one over the other is made before we even realize it. We’ve let one win all the time and if we are aware of the voice of our ego and were able to identify it when thoughts passed through our minds then we be able to be more equipped to kick those thoughts out and listen to the voice of reason that is coming from the spirit.

The ego is what we’re taught to think, but the idea of the spirit is what we have to learn from within. Once we realize that we have a choice between the two, that is when we can recognize that we need help and our help comes from spirit.

When we recognize these feelings, we will be able to clearly see that we need support. I didn’t even realize that I had a choice and then I dove into learning and have helped thousands of mompreneurs step into their energetic power and remove the false limits that they thought were their lives.

I think it’s super important to be able to have some tools to coach yourself for when you don’t have a coach. 

The Rooted Why

The rooted why is when you’re feeling stuck with resistance when reaching a goal. You’re telling yourself, I really want to reach this goal. You may be feeling procrastination, fear or worry about this particular goal. Why? Because you have a block. There’s an energetic block in your inner world that needs to open up and heal. I want you to ask yourself what am I afraid is going to happen? The important thing to think about is your subconscious mind has literally so much data inside of it so it may take at least a couple days to get that answer and when the answer comes out I need you to trust it.

Then you’re gonna ask yourself why and then you’re gonna get a new answer again and I want you to ask why. You’re going to ask why a total of five times. You will get the deeper resistance revealed. 

Then you’re going to ask yourself, who taught me this? Is this MY story or is it theirs? Can I give myself permission to release it? Then, rewrite your own story. 

I want to share my example with you. 

I’m feeling resistant when trying to make more money. 


I’m afraid of what people will think of me.


I’m afraid people will think I’m better than them. 


I have always struggled with making more money. 


I was taught that the more you have means the more greedy you are.

Who taught me this?

My parents

Can I give myself permission to release it?

Hell yes! It’s not my story. 

My subconscious believed that if I made more money I would be greedy or be seen as greedy. I didn’t want to struggle anymore and I didn’t want that to be my story so I rewrote my own. 

“Making more money doesn’t have to be hard and it is simply an amplifier of the good inside me. The ones who love me, will love me no matter what. Making more money will bring me so much less stress, more experiences and the ability to help so many people. My success will create a ripple effect of good.”

The rooted why carries so much power

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The resistance that comes up when you say, I don’t know what people will think of me or I’m afraid of what people will think of me. When you say people, it’s so big and heavy. This is where language becomes important. I’m so afraid of what people will think, as in like you’re generalizing the whole world is looking at you. That’s not the case. The whole world is not looking at you. When you think that, ask yourself who am I really afraid of in my life? Who’s opinion am I actually afraid of? 

Who am I actually afraid of?

Then ask yourself, do I think they could fully love me if I were to step into my best self? 


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