Change Is Hard & Here’s Why

I want to give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening inside when it comes to your comfort zone. So often what’s happening is you’ll want to reach a goal and you’re craving newness in your life. You’re probably been at the point where you desire this thing in your life but don’t know how to get there so you tuck it away. Then a year later, we’re still in the same position. Why? It feels overwhelming. Then we put those desires that we deeply wanted for ourselves and our families in the back pocket.

I want to give you some actionable steps and some deeper understanding of what’s actually happening. 

For example, the comfort zone …  I think every single person can understand to a certain degree that the comfort zone is something where you will stay in. It’s what is predictable and is a state of mind that feels most familiar. However, the comfort zone is your exact same situation again and again and again. For most people they are desiring something that is outside of that comfort zone. 

There’s these self created walls that we have to keep us exactly where we are and most people will stay there their whole lives. I just want you to imagine for a second that you were given one beautiful life and you looked back and you said I was given this one beautiful life and I was too scared to do something different even though I wanted it so badly.

Now some will stay inside of this comfort zone because it feels predictable, even if they’re suffering. When you decide to step outside of that comfort zone you’re risking unpredictability and for a moment you won’t feel control. 

There’s nothing wrong with you if this resonates with you.

If this is something that you’ve deeply wanted and you’re feeling too nervous, you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. 

Let’s explain what’s happening so that you can have some relief because self judgment is not supporting you. The reason why we feel so comfortable in our comfort zones is because it’s so predictable. Your brain is always looking for the next predictable step. It’s always looking for the next thing to keep you “safe.” Your brain is designed to predict the next best step to ensure you’re not in danger even if you’re suffering, depressed or even sad. 

Your mind and your nervous system are paired up to keep you safe.

Here’s the kicker though, your mind and your nervous system don’t know the difference between a bear chasing you kind of fear or the type of stepping outside of your comfort zone fear. It does not know the difference so it feels very much the same to your brain and your nervous system. 

You can think about your comfort zone as a clear bubble around you. To the outside world, no one can see the bubble and they’re asking you why not just take the next step. But, you’re not able to move outside of that clear bubble. Everything keeps you exactly where you are. It feels like this because your nervous system and your mind are activated telling you that you can’t go there because it’s unpredictable. 

Until you have tools, the bubble stays there. When you implement the tools to dissolve the bubble then you can step out. What your brain needs is predictability, reassurance and guidance and the only person that can give you that is you. 

The most fundamental part of your mind is the way in which you see yourself. WHen you step out of that bubble and it doesn’t feel so great, it’s because you have not fully allowed yourself to celebrate this new identity. You have to celebrate these incremental steps of growth.

Inside of  my high-level program and inside of my self paced programs we go through all of this. You are going to get taken care of, from nervous system regulation, emotion code, human design and so much more.  

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