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ten ways to raise your vibration and attract ideal clients

Today I want you to learn how to become that person and draw to you energized and happy people who can’t wait to work with you!

morning routine ideas for busy fempreneurs

It’s tempting as a busy fempreneur to leap straight into our work each morning but taking a few minutes for an intentional morning routine will actually make you more focused and productive

the step by step process to change bad habits instantly

Bad habits and unhelpful habits are not who you are. They aren’t your identity, they are simply things that you have done or thought over and over and gotten used to. And because they are not who you are, they can be changed.

better mood in five minutes or less

Whether you’re in an afternoon slump or just got a frustrating email that’s rocked your mood, learning how to quickly elevate your energy to a better mood is an important skill as an entrepreneur or business woman.

self-hypnosis for confidence

Did you know that there are two distinct parts of yourself inside your mind? It tends to all blur together but with practice and some techniques such as self-hypnosis you will begin to see that there is an ego side and a higher self side. Let’s talk about what that means first and then I’ll […]

rise above self-doubt

If you’re dealing with self-doubt I bet you feel tense, scared, paralyzed with indecision. Whether you have a new idea for your business or you want to start something totally new, your thoughts are likely telling you things like “you can’t do that” “what makes you think YOU can do this?” “There’s no room for […]

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