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self care for entrepreneurs

The good news is you can work less and be more efficient to get everything done when you prioritize some self care practices. Even better, it will help prevent burnout so you can be happier and more productive.

How to Turn Boredom into Mindful Productivity

If you’re feeling bored, or even just a little unsure what to do with yourself, here are some quick ideas of purposeful, mindful productive activities you can accomplish. Save this post to look at next time you feel a bit bored. Free Gift Alert! Click to download your free Manifesting Mama Workbook to prepare your […]

how you can coach yourself into a growth mindset

Having a coach (like me!) to guide you is enormously helpful but if you don’t have one yet, here’s a way to coach yourself into a growth mindset…

handle life changes with ease

You are probably not exactly where you want to be in your life. I say that because just about none of us are!

You keep scrolling. Even if it makes you feel bad. You still keep on scrolling.  I didn’t know this—did you?– you can get addicted to the negativity! Crazy F-ing brains, right?! When we feel that little hit of emotion, even if it’s an emotion like anger, disgust, or shock, it releases chemicals in our brain […]

“My business is my baby. I brought this idea to life, hustled all day and night…. and now it’s it here. I can’t let anything happen to it, I have to protect it.” As a solo-biz entrepreneur this may have crossed your mind. You’re working yourself into the ground, little to no boundaries, but hell- […]

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