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I did an Instagram story with the little question box asking “what are you currently struggling with in your business and with your mindset?” Generally, business and mindset are intertwined. 

I’m going to do my best to expand on these topics and allow for general coaching and guidance. Now keep in mind, when I’m actually working with my clients, I know them a lot more deeply so these are just general responses.


I keep falling into the lack mindset. IT makes me panic and I feel like I need to “hustle.” 

When you fall into a mindset of lack, first off, we have to know what that means for you. when you fall into the mindset of lack, what does it mean for you? What does that feel like? What does it sound like in your head and what thoughts are coming up? We already know that the next pattern that happens is the nervous system is dysregulated. 

Generally, this hustling comes from a negative light. It’s probably not good for her. It’s not feeling great, the thoughts aren’t really good, everything’s really rushed, she’s probably not present and probably more in fear than in faith. 

The mindset of lack is naturally going to occur no matter what. If you constantly think negatively, it is part of the way that the brain works from a survival standpoint. From a survival standpoint, the brain is constantly observing your reality, and always making sure that it’s looking for what could potentially go wrong or what you could be afraid of. 

Now, it’s really brilliant that our brains behave this way, because it really is helping us stay safe. Our brains will activate that hyper mode of what is what should I be scared of and what should I remain afraid of? So I’ll remain ”safe” and it’ll keep us from seeing an optimistic point of view. An optimistic point of view is actually an intentional behavior. It’s something that you will need to work towards and to be conscious of.

How to change your mindset.

The first step is wild awareness. You need to understand how your thoughts naturally work. These thoughts are an experience of your past. When you become aware of them, you’re actually aware of how am I functioning, thinking and behaving?  

You are in awareness, which means you are already stepping into empowered action. Once you observe the thoughts, you can decide to choose something different, as long as it’s not affecting your nervous system.

 Here is where the nervous system is related to this. 

Here are three actionable steps that I’m going to have you take. I want you to spend the next week becoming the observer of your thoughts. First, when you wake up in the morning I want you to just write down what you’re thinking. Number two, anytime a thought comes up, I want you to ask yourself, is this a fact or is this a feeling? Number three, I want you to come up with a ritual of nervous system regulation. Whether it be breathing, tapping, or some kind of practice to regulate your nervous system on a daily basis. Oftentimes, we’re regulated from a dysregulated state. If you can regulate your nervous system and get out of dysregulation in a more conscious and aware state, from day to day, your responses and your reactions to your life are going to be vastly different. 


One word, Burnout.

Oh, my God. It’s so interesting, because I think that we can all relate to this. We can all relate to burnout, right? Burnout looks different for everybody. You’re feeling stuck, less motivated, tired, exhausted and you’ve gotten to this point where you are dysregulated. You are past the point of feeling like you can take inspired action. You’re feeling past the point of inspiration and motivation. What we want to do is we want to alleviate burnout. 

How do we alleviate burnout?

First off, where are your core values not being met? In terms of how you live your life and how you run your business. I’m working too much. I’m saying yes too often when I want to say no. I’m doing more when I should be doing less. I know that. So

 I want you to explore what your core values are for your life and for your business. Ask yourself, am I living by those core values? Those core values are the heartbeat of your business and the heartbeat of you. Ask yourself, what are my top five core values? 


Im struggling with self sabotage.

A lot of times with self sabotage, we have to look at it from a bird’s eye perspective. We want to zoom out and understand education first. Education is always information and data that’s going to help us understand what’s happening with us. If you’re experiencing self sabotage, we want to zoom out and understand where it’s coming from.  What do we believe in? What do we think about the world so our belief systems allow for us to understand our perspective? Every single person has a different belief system, so everyone’s lens on life is very different. 

Self sabotage is a protective mechanism that your brain and nervous system is using. I call it the alarm system, to get you to go back to your belief system. Recognize that self sabotage is a protective mechanism, it doesn’t want you to take action, because it doesn’t want you to feel hurt.

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