Brigitte is a mama to a beautiful 5-year-old, Lilly & her sweet angel in heaven, Ruby. She has healed from past self-destructive behaviors, self-loathing, a severe eating disorder, dysfunctional toxic relationships, a divorce from a man who was unfaithful that she loved so deeply, generational parental wounding, the loss of a stillbirth to her precious Ruby Moon, released limiting self-beliefs absorbed through trauma, leaving a career as a nurse that she loved because it no longer aligned and so much more. 
She has learned to loved herself and her daughter with wild abandon. To trust herself so deeply that she knows her intuition and divine guidance are always leading me to my highest purpose, which is to guide you as you embody your highest purpose.

Brigitte Arnet






4 Emotion
Code Sessions

What You Can Expect:

Emotion Code is a form of energetics healing and there's lots of different modalities when you're in the world of energetics. Emotion Code is very organized and easy to go over. Brigitte will tap in energetically to your energetic field. Then she is able to use muscle testing to figure out what trapped emotions you are ready to release. They are released by stimulating the governing meridian with a magnet. There are usually 5 to 10 trapped emotions per session. Brigitte is able to help people all over using this technique.

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