Are You Stuck In Energy Cycle?

So many of us are experiencing the stuck energy cycle and we’re going to start bringing awareness on how this happens, what happens and everything unconsciously that’s going on. The majority of people are walking around responding and reacting to unconscious behaviors. Consciously they’re desiring different results but unconsciously they’re experiencing these cycles. If you’ve ever felt stuck in your career and felt like you don’t know how to gain clarity or don’t know what your next step is then you have to grow. If you want your business to grow then you have to grow. 

Let’s break down the stuck energy cycle.

What does stuck mean? 

It feels like there is no forward momentum towards you and what you desire. Sometimes you don’t even know what you want but you know you’re not happy where you’re at. You’re comparing yourself to others and then you feel like you’re planted into concrete. Now you’re feeling more self-doubt, more fear, more anxiety and more self-judgment.

 What ends up happening now is we maybe make a little forward momentum and then we end up feeling stuck again. It’s just this back and forth kind of cycle and that is why we call it the stuck energy cycle. It’s your energy that is stuck, it’s not you. It’s just a feeling of being stuck. 

Let’s break down the cycle.

I want you to imagine you’re looking at a circle but its made up of arrows. The first one on top is the external queue. The external queue is something that you’re experiencing externally. This can be looking at somebody who maybe has the goal that you want. Our brain takes in so much data that we’re processing it unconsciously. Your brain is filtering through all of this and so you get this external queue. 

The majority of people, they are running unconsciously. and they are saying okay, now I just feel bad. What actually happens is that data is filtering through our system, filtering through our reprogrammed data filters in our mind and every single person has their own collection of them.

 What ends up happening is we see this queue as a comparison. Comparison is the most common and what you’re doing is I’m comparing what you have versus what I have.

So what ends up happening is there’s a right versus wrong that is activated. Unconsciously, I have decided what is right and what I have is not right. When you have the right versus wrong activated there’s a feeling that comes up. There’s the external queue and then you feel the feeling but what you’re actually feeling is self-judgment. 

The next cycle is the cognitive dissonance and the doubt. 

What ends up happening is you have self-judgment and then you have cognitive dissonance. The cognitive dissonance is essentially what ends up happening as you have all those filters and now there’s the self-judgment that I don’t have X. Then, your brain finds proof of how you’ve always stayed exactly where you are and why you always will stay stuck. So, there’s a lack of action, it almost feels like you’re paralyzed.

Your brain will filter through every single experience that has ever kept you where you are right now. Then, it will paralyze you even more and sometimes this can activate more of a deeper depression. 

If you are not aware of the cycle and maybe today is your first day of oh damn, there is a cycle that I’ve been staying in. General awareness, through the lens of neutrality, is the first step. Remember, everything is neutral and you give it the power. When the cycle stops it doesn’t mean that you might not experience it again but your response to it is vastly different. 

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