A High Vibe Transformation

I’m so excited because we’re doing an interview today with one of my most favorite humans. She is one of my clients for my high level program High Vibe Money Mama, her name is Caitlin. You’re going to get to know a little bit more about her story and her transformation. 

Caitlin’s transformation story:

I just want to say thank you just for all that you do, because I would not be where I am without you, Lindsay and Bridget. I’m just so grateful. 

I grew up with a very traditional family, in a small town and always dreamt of being a hairstylist. My grandparents are not from this country. When they immigrated here, they instilled a really hard and strong work habit. They saved and saved for all of their grandkids to go to college. I went to the University of Idaho, and graduated. The semester before I graduated, I was already enrolled in beauty school. I got married, went to beauty school, got pregnant, graduated Beauty School and had my first baby. My husband, Trevor, was in the Navy. We were living in Washington, and shortly after we moved to Connecticut. While we were in Connecticut, I got pregnant again and found out Trevor was in heart failure very abruptly. We ended up moving back home and he got medically retired, right after he had become a chief in the Navy. It’s a huge accomplishment for him. He was only 26 years old. I think for both of us it was life knocking us down or trying to because we were at a point where we’re feeling like we were making something of ourselves and starting to build a legacy for our family in that way. 

Over the course of the four years after we moved home, I remember so many people asking us … how do you do it? How are you doing this?  I put on a shield and made myself become that person that I wasn’t really allowed to show weakness, because it was my responsibility to carry our family. Then we found out we were pregnant with our third and Trevor became super sick. Fast forward another year, and he had a heart transplant. It’s been one year since his transplant. In that time, I switched salons because I was still doing hair, and grew my hair business as best I could. I was working part time, raising a family and taking care of my husband. We ended up moving. I was in Home Depot and getting stuff for our house because we helped finish building it and started messaging you to join High Vibe and the rest is history. 

One of the main things with High Vibe is being able to regulate your nervous system. It’s being able to have this big vision and reach this dream that you had all while having all these other moving pieces in your life. 

Was this your first high level coaching program?

I’d say yes. I was a part of another coaching program, but it was strictly business with no personal development. This is the first one that I found that actually dove into mindset and how we are as a human. I was at a point where I took a ton of business class and I’m very business savvy, I always have been. I couldn’t move forward the way that I wanted to in my business without the internal aspect of it.  

What do you feel were some of the biggest struggles that you were facing? 

First, I loved that you are a mom and a mompreneur, as you call it. The aspect of raising a family and wanting to be present with my kids. To give my kids everything I didn’t have growing up. I loved that aspect of it and I loved that you just have such an emphasis on taking care of yourself. I also loved that it was a long program. If you want to create something amazing you have to take the time to do it.

It’s been such a journey. I remember where I was when we started and I was depressed. I didn’t know it because I think society paints a picture of what depression looks like. It was a really weird sense for me to try to live a ”normal life” now that Trevor was healthy and we were back home. We were about to move into our brand new dream home. There’s always this feeling of you’re supposed to feel so grateful and appreciative and I was all those things. There was something missing.    There was so much that I’d stuffed into my body emotionally and not dealt with for the past 5 years. I was in survival mode.

Shout out to Brigitte! She was an amazing part of my transformation.

Brigitte is one of our energy healers and main coach inside of the program. We call her the energy RN. She’s a registered nurse and she focuses on nervous system regulation and energy healing. 

I was already in traditional counseling and it wasn’t really going anywhere. With Brigitte, she was able to open my heart walls that I had and released a ton of energy that had been stored in my body from years of grief and trauma. A lot of it was related to Trevor being sick. So just freeing up that space in my body was incredible. Then, the other aspect of working with Lindsay, a human design expert. Realizing that there’s a specific way I was created. I allowed myself to really fold into my human design, and work with Lindsey on what that all means. My body, as a whole, has felt so much better. 

My business has exploded. This year, I’ll only have worked nine months and I’ve already doubled my income from last year easily. “You are born worthy” is something that has helped me push limits that I didn’t think I could. 

I’m about to open my first salon with one of my best friends. Trevor and I are also in the process of locking down a location for a new business venture for ourselves. Even in that process, we’ve very much been like, if it happens, it happens. We’re not in a rush. Allowing myself to know that it’s out there waiting for us, and calling it in and being patient. 

How has this transformation affected you as a mom? 

It’s huge. I would stress over the silliest things. I remember at the beginning of the program we talked a lot about generational cycles that happen. The further I moved through the program, it really came up for me what cycles I want to break as a mom and what I want to do differently. I’m much more patient. I am okay with the calm. I was definitely the person that when there was nothing to do, in my head, I was like, I’m being lazy. I’ve learned to really slow down and really, really savor and enjoy the moments that I have with my kids. 

I’ve had my husband have sessions with Bridget as well. The amount of energy that was released from his body is, I mean, I cannot speak highly enough of Bridget and the work that she does. Lindsey, in such different ways, has changed my life. With human design in particular, knowing exactly how I’m supposed to be functioning, running my business and communicating with people and in my relationships and understanding has been so helpful as a mother. 

Any last empowering words for anyone thinking about taking the journey of bettering themselves & their business?

Just do it. If you’re thinking about it, it just means you need to do it. I don’t think thoughts randomly appear in our mind. I think they’re brought to us for a reason. If you’re unhappy where you are, you’re going to continue to be unhappy, until you just do it. It’s goIng to be hard, and it’s going to suck at times, and you’re going to cry … that’s okay.

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