3 Ways to Not Stress About Money

Money stress can feel so overwhelming. Lucky for us, there are ways to not feel stressed when it comes to money. Three ways to not stress about money.

  1. Think about how much money has given you
  2. When it comes to money, are you in the presence of or the lack of
  3. Shifting your perspective of what you consider a lot & what you consider a little

First off, I want to think about how much money has given you, whether it has been in the last year or lifetime. 

I want you to put your hand on your heart and just say thank you thank you thank you. Now take a moment to open up your bank account. I know a lot of people have a lot of trauma and fear around this and what it says. Regardless of what the number is, at the end of the day this number doesn’t mean anything. 

Start giving gratitude often – weekly, biweekly, multiple times a week, whatever feels right to you. Be grateful with what the number is. Be grateful for all the things you’ve been given and thank you for all the things that continue to come.

When it comes to money are you in the presence of or the lack of?

Are you worried about not having it, if it’s coming and if you’ll have enough? Maybe you’re worried about making any money at all this month to just break even? These questions mean you’re in the worry of the lack of. You are not thinking about the opportunities of abundance. 

You’re in an energy of desperation when it comes to money.

When you’re in the energy of desperation you are not going to be in the energetic space of opportunities and seeing where there is room for their growth. You’re not going to see where there is room for you to be able to be gifted with more income. The energy of desperation means I don’t trust myself or the guidance system that I have been given within this universe to provide myself with more.  

If you are worried about being broke, then you are going to be broke.

This concept was something that was extremely challenging for me to navigate in the very beginning of understanding energy work, but I recognize that the more I was worried about money the more the universe was testing me. 

Say thank you to your bank account, whether it’s a bigger number or not. 

The next thing I want to talk about is shifting your perception of what is considered a lot and what is considered a little. Being grateful for what’s in your bank account means it doesn’t matter what the number is, it’s providing for you. I need you to understand that to you $100 may feel like not a lot of money but someone else may feel very expensive and that’s where perception gets very tricky.

 If you could be grateful for a penny, imagine how grateful you’ll be for the opportunity for $100. If you could be enormously grateful for a penny, imagine how grateful you’ll be when someone says hey I have this opportunity and I’m willing to offer you $1000. You could be grateful for all amounts of money and that is where the attitude of gratitude begins. 

I am ready to be enormously blessed and thankful to receive it.

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