11 Words to Remove to Manifest Powerfully

Do you want to manifest powerfully? Manifestation can change your life when done properly. Changing the way you speak to yourself and to others is a great place to start in your journey.


You’re probably thinking isn’t that an empowering word? 

You’ve probably said things like, “I’m trying to be better or I’m trying to rise in my business, I’m trying to be a better mother, I’m trying to eat well.” 

Trying .. trying .. trying 

We want to eliminate the word try because there is no try. You’re either doing it or you’re not.

Instead of saying try I want you to say I am doing it. 

You are going to feel a definitive shift in your body when you do this.

“I’m not trying it, I’m doing it!” 


There is a need to feel like you have to do something not because you want to, but because you feel pressure to. This pressure is almost like a desperate energy.

Instead of saying I have to, you can say I’ve decided to. You’ll notice how removing these words from your life you’re going to allow yourself to shift into the energy of trust. 

I trust myself. I’m going to honor my experience. I’m doing what I feel most called to do.


These 3 words fall into that same pressure we were just talking about. I want you to change this to get.  I get to do all these things. Here’s an example for you – “I should be doing x in my business” and I want you to switch it to – “I get to do x for my business.”


These two words are together for a specific reason. There’s a science to always and never. 

We’re going to tap into the subconscious mind and conscious mind for just a minute. Our subconscious mind filters about 11 millions bits of data per second and then our conscious mind filters about 50 bits per second. There’s a little middleman between the two that tells you what you feel is important and how you perceive the world. Whatever you’re focusing your energy on, the middleman is going to look deep into the subconscious and only allow you to see what it feels like you are needing to see. This is based on what your belief systems are and what your filters are.The middleman is going to delete, store and generalize information to allow you to only see what your internal reality will allow you to see. 


The word but is really interesting. Oftentimes, we use it as a placeholder. For example, I want to make more money but I don’t know how. When we use the word but,  we’re actually diminishing the power of the first statement. Instead, I want you to say – I want to make more money and I’m not sure how. Now you’re giving the power to both of them and you’re not diminishing the first part of that sentence anymore. 


I can’t do that, there’s no way. I’m sorry, I can’t. No, I can’t. 

Change the word I can’t to I’m choosing not to this is. By doing this you’re putting the power back in your possession. You’re regaining your power back and saying I’m choosing not to do that. 

I can’t manifest. ->  I’m choosing not to because I don’t have the knowledge on how to do so yet. 

These 11 words are generalizing words. They are words that are going to allow you to take your power away again and again and to step into a fear, limitation and lack.

I want you to remove these words and become aware when they slip from your mouth. When you decide to step into this next season of your life, to manifest the success, reach more people, to make a bigger impact, to become more joyful, to experience this life in the most expansive way possible there’s no going back.

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